Why EVAP System Repairs Are Necessary

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The oil and fuel in vehicles give off vapors that are very harmful to the environment, which is why Evaporative Emissions Control Systems (EVAP) are required in all cars and trucks. The EVAP system captures these vapors and directs them into the engine to be burned—sort of like a built-in recycling system!

As you might imagine, the EVAP system is complicated; it’s made up of a network of hoses, valves, filters, and other components. EVAP system issues are one of the top five reasons for the check engine light to turn on.

To fix this issue, the technician will pull the trouble codes and perform diagnostics to isolate the fault. Using specialized equipment, they can test the valves to trace where they’re blocked. If the issue is a leak, the technician will use a low-pressure smoke test. Once the diagnostics are finished, they’ll make the repairs needed to get the system working again and reset the check engine light.

EVAP System Issues Can Mask Other Issues

Although issues with the EVAP system don’t typically lead to damage, the fact that they trigger the check engine light means that they can mask more serious problems if left unaddressed for too long. This is because the check engine light can be triggered by hundreds of conditions, but with only one light, there’s no way to visually know if the system is alerting you to one problem or several.

For jurisdictions that require emissions testing to register vehicles, like King County, this isn’t as much of a problem because you won’t be able to pass the test without making the necessary repairs. EVAP trouble codes can be caused by a variety of things, like a loose or worn gas cap, a hose leak, problems with a purge valve, or a rusty fuel filler pipe.

Is Your Check Engine Light On?

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