Why do they call it a Smart Car?

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Smart for two

From the perspective of someone who does not own a smart car, they might not be sure what is smart about it. It sure is a smart car to drive in a busy place when there is nowhere to park. Think of Europe for example. If you visit Croatia, you’ll learn that it is nearly impossible to find parking spots, because the cities were not built for cars. Driving a small SUV in Croatia like a BMW X3 feels comparable to driving a semi-truck through the Redwoods of California. Not an overall fun experience. However, the smart car in Croatia is the perfect sized vehicle for those streets. So why is it popular in America? As gas prices increase, people are searching for a more economical option. It is the most fuel-efficient gasoline powered vehicle in the U.S. Most models are also hybrids! Smart cars are fun and easy to drive while also taking away much of the stress of parking.

So where did the smart car get its name?

Surprisingly, smart car has been around since the late 1980’s but was not introduced to the United States market until 2008. The same company that produces Swatch watches decided to develop the smart car. Since there is so much competition in the automobile industry, the CEO Nicolas Hayek decided to pair up with Volkswagen to produce his project for the greatest chance of success. A few years later, Volkswagen changed their mind and dropped the smart car from development. After searching high and low for another car brand to take on the project, and being rejected by several, Daimler-Benz agreed to take it on. However, the popular German car manufacturer did not like the proposed names of “Swatchmobile” or “Swatchcar”. With a little back and forth pitching ideas, they ultimately chose “Smart” which is an acronym for “Swatch Mercedes Art”. Overall, the main reasons you would want to purchase a smart car are its impressive gas mileage and convenience as a commuter vehicle.

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