Who makes mini cooper cars?

If you’re considering purchasing a MINI Cooper you might be wondering who produces these iconic vehicles. The original two-door vehicle was designed in 1959 by the British Motor Corporation. Sport models of the iconic 60s classic were produced in cooperation with British racing driving John Cooper, and so carried the Cooper name. The final two-door MINI to be produced was made in the year 2000 and was a red MINI Sport model. That year, the brand was acquired by the Bavarian Motor Works (BMW), who has handled production from their British plants in Oxford and Swindon.

Who Makes Mini CooperToday’s MINI is a joy to drive. Though the current brand range is technically unrelated to older MINI models, it bears strong, iconic styling that harkens back to earlier iterations of the British brand. Today’s MINI is produced in eight models, including several special edition variants. From the hardtop 2-door to the spacious Countryman design, there’s a MINI out there for everyone, no matter how many passengers you’re carrying or how distant your destination.

For those nostalgic drivers who are seeking a vehicle that references the MINI’s long history, consider the MINI Cooper Signature Line. The modern MINI Cooper’s design encompasses all the brand’s iconic features, from style to smart technology to legendary handling. It’s a gorgeous vehicle that’s been updated for the twenty-first century. The connected dash offers entertainment, driving information, and Bluetooth connectivity in a 16.5” screen. Safety is paramount in this model, which also offers a rear view camera and parking control distance, but BMW still hasn’t compromised on the vehicle’s signature performance, including a twinpowered turbo engine and razor sharp handling.

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