Which Mercedes Benz SUV is Best?

Which Mercedes Benz SUV is Best?

When you’re looking at Mercedes Benz SUV models, there’s no question that you have plenty of options. From compact to full-scale luxury, there’s a vehicle that will work for anyone and everyone. What are you looking for in an SUV? That’s the first step in determining which Mercedes Benz SUV will be right for you.


I’m looking for an everyday vehicle with decent cargo space.

A compact SUV could be just right for you. These cars are along the lines of a hatchback or station wagon, but they offer a more sophisticated look. They’re built on a car chassis for better maneuverability and gas mileage. The Mercedes Benz GLA SUV pricing starts very reasonably at under $35,000 with add-ons available. Mercedes Benz is a make that puts a lot of focus on sportiness and style, so you can expect great performance and a streamlined look while still getting a compact vehicle with storage room for work or fun.


I’d like a standard SUV, nothing too fancy.

No problem. With their wide range of options, Mercedes Benz offers up a pretty great standard SUV. The GLC SUV starts at just over $40,000 and gives you everything you need in your sports utility vehicle. It handles very well and looks great. While this is their standard SUV, we’d hardly call it basic. It offers great fuel economy, all-wheel drive, and all the latest Bluetooth tech. If you’d prefer a little more space, you can bump your choice up to the GLE model, which has 80 cubic feet of cargo space and a few more bells and whistles, but nothing excessive. It starts at about $52,000. Both are top safety picks from IIHS.


I want the style of a car with the space of a SUV.

Have you looked at the AMG GLE Coupe? It’s exactly what you’re looking for. This model resembles a typical coupe, but it’s been muscled up to the extreme. You get the higher view of an SUV and tons of space, with 60 cubic feet of cargo space and tons of legroom. Due to its stature and construction, it drives very much like a powerful car, offering plenty of control and not insubstantial horsepower. This car doesn’t come cheap – it starts at $70,500 (2018) – but if you’re looking for a powerful vehicle that looks amazing and offers plenty of space, this is the one for you.


Give me the best luxury option you have.

You got it! Go full luxury with either the GLS SUV or the G-Class SUV. The GLS is what most people think of when they think luxury SUV – room for seven people, lots of storage space, all the latest technology, safety features everywhere, and a beautiful sleek look. It’s got plenty of power and handles very well. If you’d really like to up your SUV game, the G-Class offers that iconic Mercedes Benz SUV look – rectangular and built to last. It’s made for off-roading and travel, ready to go on any adventure with you. Tons of power, great safety features, all the tech you could ever want, comfortable seating, and so much more. This is the top-of-the-line model, starting at $123,600, and the people who love it really love it.


We hope this breakdown helps make your decision easier! Remember, luxury European vehicles like Mercedes Benz SUVs require regularly scheduled maintenance to operate at peak performance, and you should go to a service center that specializes in European cars for the best results. If you’re in the Seattle area, come see us at EuroCar Auto for additional advice and routine maintenance!