Is a Volvo XC90 the Right Car for Your Family?

The Volvo XC90 is a luxury sports utility vehicle, or SUV, that offers a high level of performance and comfort. It’s considered a “crossover” SUV, which means it’s manufactured using a car chassis, rather than a truck chassis, for better handling and fuel efficiency. It makes an excellent family and travel car for families who like to get out on the road together.

Is a Volvo XC90 the Right Car for Your Family?

The XC90 is available in several different styles, or trims. The base model is the Momentum, which is focused on efficiency and performance. It offers just over 85 cubic feet of cargo space and fold-down seating to allow plenty of room to pack up for a trip. With room for up to seven full-sized seats, it’s great for families with multiple kids (plus a dog or two). SUVs are well known for being gas guzzlers, but this model offers better fuel efficiency than most with 29 MPG on the highway. As a luxury vehicle, it offers up plenty of comfort and conveniences, including navigation and additions like a moonroof or leather seats. The air filtration system helps keep the cabin air fresh and clean no matter where you’re driving, and safety features include collision avoidance, lane aid, and oncoming lane mitigation, among others.


The base model starts at a very reasonable SUV price (under $50,000), with other trims offering additional levels of performance or luxury. The R-Design model offers a sportier look with slightly edgier lines and an eye toward a more elegant sportscar-like feel. Dark interior, sportier wheels, and contour seats support people who are more into the driving experience. For folks who are more luxury-focused, the Inscription is a fantastic choice. In addition to being among the roomiest models, the exterior is beautifully designed for a sophisticated look. On the inside, creating a comfortable space for the people in the car takes priority. Beautiful detail work and lighting, bright colors, comfortable seating, and beautiful wood details. It feels very airy and light. For the very top-tier XC90, the Excellence model is where it’s at. It’s smaller, seating only four, but it makes up for it by fitting everything out with top-tier luxury so you’re always traveling in style. It has all the bells and whistles you could ever want or need – individually adjustable chairs with heating and massage capabilities, a refrigeration compartment, and interactive console, and lots of space. When you want to treat yourself, you go all-out, and that’s what Volvo did.


There are tons of options when it comes to the Volvo XC90, so deciding if it’s right for your family comes down to what you’re looking for in a SUV. This isn’t an economy SUV – it’s a luxury vehicle intended for people who want to get where they’re going in comfort and style. That said, it’s quiet and high-performing, with lots of space for luggage or family. It’s one of the best-rated in its class and offers up plenty of safety features and driving aids. For quality, you can’t go wrong with this Scandinavian vehicle.


For additional information and a full list of all the vehicle’s features, we recommend checking it out on the Volvo site, where you can design your ideal vehicle and get accurate pricing. When you’re ready to make your purchase, let us know and we’ll set you up an initial service check to make sure everything’s in working order and you’re ready to enjoy your new car. At EuroCar Auto, European makes are our specialty and you can always trust us for great service. Have any questions? Just let us know!