Volvo Introduces the Highly Customizable XC40

Volvo Introduces the Highly Customizable XC40Volvo first hinted at the release of their XC40 in May 2016, with the unveiling of their 40.1 concept car. Now, the automaker says the XC40 will soon see its release, with a bevy of customizable options that will blow those of most competitors out of the water.

Volvo will be releasing a far-broader range of color options than normal for both the vehicle’s interior and exterior. In addition to solid color options, buyers will be able select two-tone options, customizing both the body and the roof. Monochromatic shades will also be available.

Interior options will also be wide-ranging. Drivers can select a lava orange carpet with red oxide trim, and from different colors for the door inserts and headliners. Volvo says it was inspired by pop-culture and street art, and it shows in the bright colors and bold design of the XC40.

The XC40 joins other compact car designs in Volvo’s current line. The line is built on the CMA (Compact Modular Architecture) platform developed in cooperation with parent company Geely, who uses the platform on their Lynk & Co brand. This modular design system allows designers to fit powertrains, electrical systems and technologies of varying complexity onto the same base, streamlining and simplifying both the design and manufacturing process. The CMA is already revolutionizing Volvo’s designs, and will enable them to replace every car in their line-up over the next four years and double their sales volume to around 800,000 cars a year. These vehicles will be sold globally, and will be manufactured in a plant in Belgium.

The XC40 will go on sale in 2018, as a 2019 model. It joins the S40 sedan and V40 hatchback. The XC40 is Volvo’s planned rival for the the Audi Q3, BMW X1, Cadillac XT4, Infiniti QX30, Lexus UX and Mercedes-Benz GLA.