Volvo Enters Electric Car Sphere

This article appeared in the Science Times. It explains that Volvo has hinted at releasing a brand new fully electric vehicle in 2019. The vehicle is slated to be affordable yet sophisticated and will fall in the same price range as the Chevy Bolt and the “forthcoming” Tesla 3. Check out the full article below to learn more.


When it comes to new age vehicles across segments, one can’t help but mention the name of Volvo. The Swedish company has been a pioneer in new concept generation in commercial vehicle manufacturing. Now, Volvo is eyeing an entry into the sphere of Electronic Vehicle with its new car.

According to Automotive News, Volvo will soon be coming out with its first ever electric car. Lex Kerssemakers, CEO of Volvo Car USA, has hinted so in his comments during the recently concluded Geneva Auto Show. He said that the vehicle is supposed to debut in 2019, which leaves Volvo with a “dramatically condensed timetable” to develop and market the vehicle.

The vehicle’s form has been a kept as a mystery by Volvo. However, the company has said that it will not be persuading consumers in the US unless they are able to produce more cars in the Electric Vehicle range. This will reportedly be done irrespective of the vehicle’s form or size. Volvo will decide in the coming months whether to associate the new Electronic Vehicle with an existing name or a brand new model.

According to Quartz, Volvo’s Electric Vehicle will fall in the same price range as that of the forthcoming model from Tesla, 3 and Chevrolet Bolt, General Motor’s first electronic vehicle. Unlike Volvo, both the other companies have already unveiled their offerings’ looks. Presumably, all the vehicles are expected to have a range of almost 250 miles before putting on recharge.

It will be a stern test for both Tesla and Chevrolet to promote their electric vehicles. Volvo, on the other hand, will have the luxury to use its revolutionary SPA (Scalable Product Architecture) feature to be induced in the Electric Vehicle. Volvo delivering stylish features at a considerable price range like Tesla can pose a serious threat for the competitive Electric Vehicle manufacturers.

Experts believe that Volvo will price its car very smartly after analyzing the price range of other Electric Vehicle offerings from Tesla and Chevrolet. As speculated, Volvo may price its electric car in between $35000 to $40000.