These Boots Were Made for Driving

Volkswagen Arteon | Auto Repair

Boots on your car? What are we talking about? We’re referring to the ball joint boot. Ball joints are an integral part of your suspension system; they allow your front wheels to move up and down as well as turn left and right. The boot covers and protects the ball joint.

Why is a boot needed? The suspension system is subject to all the debris of the road including chunks of asphalt, salt, moisture, dirt, rocks, and more. If all the environmental detritus hit your ball joints, they wouldn’t last long at all. So, ball joint boots were created.

What Do The Boots Do?

These boots don’t walk but they do ensure you can drive. They protect the ball joints from contaminants, heat, and friction. They’re flexible; they allow lubricants in and allow the hot grease to expand, while keeping debris out. This keeps all the metal parts moving smoothly.

However, like almost all parts, they eventually wear out. The ball joint boots can get damaged by the road debris or extreme temperatures in Seattle – from snow to the intense heat of a running vehicle.  Of course, they can simply wear out from age. Rubber and flexible materials are required for boots, but they also get old and can tear. That’s why regular suspension system inspections by professional service advisors are so important. EuroCar Service’s experienced advisors can tell you when it’s time to replace your boots.

Importance of Replacements

If your boots are torn and aren’t replaced, lubricant can escape from the ball joint and contaminants can come in, which can cause a destructive mess. If a ball joint is bad on one side, likely the other side is ready to be changed as well. Replacing the ball joints and ball joint boots on both sides at once makes sense for even wear and tear on the vehicle.

Maybe you didn’t know about ball joint boots, but now you do! It’s one of those parts of your vehicle where getting it fixed sooner rather than later can save you a lot of money in the long run. Schedule an inspection for your Audi, BMW, Fiat, Land Rover, Jaguar, Mercede, MINI, Saab, Smart Car, Volkswagen, or Volvo at EuroCar Service today!