The Shift’s Still Happening for BMW’s M2

Do you want the good news? Or, the better news? The good is that the next-generation BMW M2, codenamed G87, will get a modified version of its current chassis. It will also pump out 420 hp, making it a rocket sled you are going to want to take on your next joy ride.

The better? It will still be available with three pedals. This makes aficionados of manual shifting inhale a giant gasp of relief. Ever since BMW announced that the next-gen M3, the G80, was only going to offer a manual transmission in its entry-level model, superfans worried that the German automaker was phasing out cars that you shift yourself.

But if you love the feel of being personally connected to the transmission, if the perfect shift makes you feel that all is right in the world, you are good-to-go with the evolution of the M2.

BMW has acknowledged that since being introduced in 1939, automatic transmissions have increasingly gained traction with customers. But it knows that, for some of us, driving is more about the experience than the way to get from point A to point B.

“We have some markets that are calling for an automatic option, but the overwhelming majority of our customers continue to see the manual gearbox as a must-have feature,” a BMW M source told Autocar.

The current M2 automatic transmission option is a dead-tran-walking. No other BMW uses the seven-speed DCT, a sure sign the grim reaper is nearby. G87 will sport an eight-speed torque converter automatic gearbox sourced from ZF for its automatic option. This may pack less excitement than the lively DCT, but it is plenty quick enough and makes up in smooth what it loses in brawn.

So slow down on the assumptions and stomp on the pedal of expectation. The next-level M2 will keep you focused on the road and give you that connection to road and machine you dream of. And with 420 horses, you will get there in a hurry. At EuroCar Service, the most dependable, accurate, and honest European vehicle service in Seattle, we understand your love of shifting for yourself. How it makes you more alert to your surroundings and sensitive to the performance of your vehicle. We have decades of working on high-performing vehicles and understand you need highly trained ASE Certified Master mechanics and top-rated customer service. We will take great care of your BMWMercedesMINI, Volkswagen, Smart car, Saab, or other European vehicle. Contact us online or call 206-527-8828 today to schedule an appointment at our state-of-the-art facility!