The Amazing Advancements in Automotive Technology

Driverless car interior with futuristic dashboard for autonomous control system . Inside view of cockpit HUD technology using AI artificial intelligence sensor to drive car without people driver .

It’s pretty amazing to think about how much technology has changed our vehicles over the past several years! And undoubtedly, there’s much more to come.

Not that long ago, drivers had complete control over things like steering, braking, and skid and accident prevention, just to name a few. Now, with the help of high-tech computer systems, newer vehicles offer driver assistance features to help with handling, efficiency, and safety.

More Vehicle Technology, Better Safety

Many of these improvements have been made to improve safety. One example is anti-lock brakes, which help drivers avoid uncontrolled skidding. The antilock brake system also provides traction control and stability control. Another great addition to newer vehicles is the addition of backup cameras. These allow drivers to see what’s directly behind them in a way mirrors can’t—especially helpful when backing up out of a space in a busy parking lot.

The majority of vehicle safety features now rely on sensors and cameras to help keep drivers safe. Radar technology is also often used to complete the information that comes in from the other sensors. High-frequency radio waves are transmitted to get the range, direction, and velocity of objects in and on the road. This is commonly used to control Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) as it allows vehicles to measure the front distance between other cars and adapt the speed.

The quest for self-driving vehicles and electric and hybrid vehicles have also produced a variety of features that have made their way into today’s cars, trucks, and SUVs. For example, there’s now new braking technology that allows the driver to let up on the accelerator, and instead of the car coasting for a while (or the driver needing to apply the brakes), the vehicle will slow down using regenerative braking—which also recharges the batteries! Another cool feature utilizes cameras and radar to help the driver steer and keep the vehicle in the center of the lane markers.

Visit a Shop That Stays Current on the Latest Technology

These technologies are just a few of the features available in new vehicles to help improve safety and efficiency. As you can imagine, more technology also makes our vehicles more complex than when they were purely mechanical, especially when it comes to maintaining them. That’s why it’s important to visit a shop that stays up-to-date on the latest cutting-edge training, diagnostics, and equipment—like EuroCar Service!

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