Can I take my BMW to any repair shop vs. a dealership?

Have you ever wondered where you should be taking your BMW for service and repair? If you’ve been confused as to whether you should go to a repair shop or a dealership, you’re not alone. Why not skip the high price of the dealership – you can trust that the Washington auto repair shop that will give you top-quality, personalized attention to detail is EuroCar Service!

As the owner, you have the right to take your vehicle anywhere you choose for BMW repairs. While you can take it to any repair shop, what’s most important is that you choose a reputable facility that has a track record of honest work. Choosing an independent repair shop over a dealership will save you money, but not if the repair isn’t completed properly! That’s why our customers consistently choose EuroCar Service.

For over three decades, we’ve been providing top-tier auto repair for the best auto brands, including Volvo, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover, VW Volkswagen, Mini Cooper, and Saab. Our expert auto technicians are ASE- and emission-certified and our employees have over 20 years of total experience in the auto maintenance and repair industries. Can I take my BMW to any repair shop vs. a dealership?

We work hard to remain current and up-to-date on the constantly changing field of European vehicles, in order to consistently provide our customers and their vehicles with the most current technologies. By having the latest specialty tools, gas analyzers, electronic test equipment, in addition to an extensive online data library, we can perform any necessary type of European auto repair.

We also offer free shuttle services and loaner cars, affordable prices, and consistently friendly, efficient customer service. We’re typically done with our repairs in a single day, and we can even stamp your service manual to extend the validity of your warranty.

Contact us today! Our service advisors are always ready to answer your questions and provide you with an accurate repair quote.