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Do you need smart car service in Seattle? Officially introduced to the United States market in 2008, these small cars have become known for the fuel efficiency and low price. Not to mention the ease of parking the vehicle! As this compact car becomes more popular and the first imports are aging, car owners may wonder, where can I take my smart vehicle for quality repairs and scheduled maintenance?

Whether you have the original smart fortwo basic model, the cabriolet, the convertible, the moonroof version, or the electric drive, EuroCar is the best place for smart car service in Seattle. Our experienced team of auto technicians are ASE and emissions certified professionals. Since 1981, our auto facility has offered top-quality maintenance and repairs on European vehicles, including Mercedes, Volvo, Saab, BMW, and more. We continuously invest in our people and equipment to ensure we can offer the best smart car repair in the area. This includes our auto professionals attending annual training sessions to stay up to date and investing in electronic test equipment, specialized tools, a gas analyzer, and an extensive online data library so we can continue to complete auto repairs at the highest technical level.

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When you need smart car service in Seattle, there’s only one place to go. EuroCar Service is a local smart car auto shop that offers the specialized repairs you can expect from the area’s premier European auto facility, with the outstanding customer service you receive from a local business. We work hard to provide honest, reliable, and accurate service with every job. Our ability to pair expert repair and service is the reason we’ve been named by Expertise as one of the Top Auto Repair Shops in Seattle! Don’t delay if you need smart car repair. Bring it to the knowledgeable team at EuroCar and you’ll be back on the road in no time.

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You may have noticed. A Smart car is tiny. And you may have noticed something else. Its impact on the environment is pretty small, too. The electric-only version is the same compact size but creates an even more pint-sized carbon footprint. You may be wondering, though, how far a Smart car can go on a Read more…

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Do you want something small and nimble to scoot around town in? Is ease of parking important to you? Are you looking to lower fuel expenditures and reduce your carbon footprint? While these are important factors when deciding if a Smart car is the right choice for you, another is the cost of maintenance. Since Read more…

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The Smart car has an interesting story behind it. Have you heard of Swatch watches? They were largely popular in the 80s and 90s. This same company had the idea for a vehicle. CEO, Nicolas Hayek saw a market need that was not being met for a small yet stylish ride and went after it. Read more…

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March 22, 2019

What is LSPI? Defined by, “LSPI is an unexpected consequence of downsizing and boosting engines. Also known as stochastic pre-ignition (SPI), megaknock, superknock or deto-knock. LSPI most commonly occurs at low speeds during a period of rapid acceleration. LSPI is believed to be caused by droplets or particles in the combustion chamber—combinations of fuel Read more…

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Smart for two From the perspective of someone who does not own a smart car, they might not be sure what is smart about it. It sure is a smart car to drive in a busy place when there is nowhere to park. Think of Europe for example. If you visit Croatia, you’ll learn that Read more…

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