Should You Replace The Engine in Your Mercedes?

Should You Replace The Engine in Your Mercedes?

With the least expensive Mercedes available starting at a whopping $33,000 dollars, it can be tough to decide if its worth it to repair your current Mercedes or simply go to the dealer and purchase a new one. Here’s a couple of questions to ask yourself when you’re debating repairing your beloved vehicle or purchasing a new one.

Have you stayed up to date with recommended maintenance over the years?

If you have, it is worth the investment to install a new engine into your Mercedes. Why? Well, you’ve taken good care of your vehicle so far, which means it is less likely to have complications or other parts surrounding the engine to fail shortly after replacing the engine, because they have continuously been taken care of, or replaced when necessary. If you have not stayed up to date with recommended maintenance, you run the risk of installing this engine but to have loads of “car problems” shortly after due to separate worn out parts breaking down.

How old is your Mercedes?

This question is a gray area, and all about how much you value your vehicle. An example here would be that to me, my 10-year-old Mercedes is worth investing a new engine into, because I enjoy the car, it is well maintained, and I was planning on driving it for another 5 years or so. Maybe you feel that your 10-year-old Mercedes is old, and you’re tired of it and want a new one. Your opinion is important as to whether it is worth it to replace the engine in your Mercedes.

At EuroCar Service, we feel it is important to give our customers options. Therefore, we always complete a thorough inspection and supply you with the information you need to make the right decision for you. We are known for our honesty and will never try to tell you to keep a car that we feel is not worth keeping on the road. It is almost always cheaper to repair your current vehicle then to purchase a new one, but that is why we have inspection reports that we share with our customers to help them decide what is best for them. If you’re debating replacing the engine in your Mercedes, or another vehicle you own, give us a call or stop by today to chat more about your options.