Saab Bodyguard System Promises Safer Reversing

Saab Bodyguard SystemSaab enthusiasts need not sacrifice access to the latest developments in driver safety, despite the fact that the brand is no longer in production. Saab is releasing a Saab Bodyguard System for the SAAB 900, 9000, 9-3 or 9-5. This system–whose installation requires no drilling or special equipment–is composed of a sensor stripe that is installed beneath the plastic bumper panel, similar to that in most luxury vehicles.

The installation is easy. Either visit your local mechanic, or undertake this job yourself, as it consists of simply affixing a metal-plated plastic sticker to the inner side of the bumper and connecting the control unit to the reversing bulb. Detailed instructions come packaged with the product to explain both installation and operation.

The resulting technology helps to warn drivers when they approach obstacles while in reverse. It produces 3 levels of warning sounds: discontinuous sound (70-50 cm), faster discontinuous sound (50-30 cm) and continuous sound (30-0 cm).

The package, which can be purchased at, contains an 8 page manual, the complete control unit, removable bumper sensor, a transformer for acoustic indication, all cabling needed for installation, and accessories. The manual covers everything you need for installation in 5 chapters. The price from is 55 US dollars, with 15 dollars shipping and handling for shipment to any country.

The site is also offering Christmas gifts for the Saab enthusiast, including posters which cover the entire history of the vehicle range, and coasters featuring a range of Saab vehicles, from the SAAB Retro, to the Black 9-3, and 9-5. These items–and a wide range of Saab-branded paraphernalia available across the internet, shows that the Saab community continues to thrive. Whether you want to outfit yourself in Saab jackets or carry a Saab pocketwatch, these products prove that once a Saab fan, always a Saab fan.