Roll through Snow? Consider Your Transfer Case

Various Car parts on dark background

Do you have a 4-wheel drive vehicle from Audi, BMW, Fiat, Land Rover, Jaguar, Mercedes, MINI, Saab, Smart Car, Volkswagen, Volvo? Then you have a transfer case. This little-mentioned vehicle component is what ensures there is power available for both the front and read axles.

For example, with a rear-wheel-drive car, power is diverted to the rear wheels until you need the 4-wheel drive. Then the transfer case engages and transfers some of the power from the engine to the front wheels as well. There are different ways the transfer case engages; your vehicle might have a button on the dashboard to turn on the 4-wheel drive, you may use a shift lever, or the vehicle may go into 4-wheel drive automatically.

The transfer case is critical for proper functioning of your 4-wheel drive. It’s important to remain current on your service of the transfer case to ensure it is optimally working when you need it.What is a transfer case service?

EuroCar Service’s team of experienced auto techs drain the fluid from the transfer case and replace it with fresh fluid (similar to a brake flush or oil change). We also inspect for leaks and other damage. The transfer case fluid cools and lubricates the shafts, bearings, chains, gears, and other components of the system. As the fluid continues to go over the components, the additives in the transfer case fluid starts to wear down and don’t lubricate as well. As the fluid go overs the components, little pieces of clutch material and metal break off and dirty the fluid.

Because there isn’t a filter in the transfer case, like other parts of the car (like the fuel filter in the fuel system), so contaminants in the system accelerate wear. We recommend checking your owner’s manual for a recommended interval on how often to change your transfer case fluid. However, it may not be included because there are several factors that can affect how often you should change the fluid. That’s when it’s best to talk to a EuroCar Service advisor about how often you engage the 4-wheel drive and if you frequently drive through mud, snow, or cross streams, and other off-roading type driving. This kind of driving can shorten the lifespan of your transfer case fluid.

Of course, eventually, transfer case components will wear out and need to be repaired or replaced. But making sure your transfer case is properly serviced will keep the transfer case running smoother for longer. Contact EuroCar Service to discuss scheduling your service today.