Review On The New Range Rover Sport

Range Rover Sport

The New Range Rover Sport is here! It’s labeled as a refined and comfortable long-distance GT, more spacious than ever before, excellent off-road capabilities, and better build quality all around.

‘The most dynamic Range Rover’, according to Land Rover. It’s a smaller Range Rover, with the option of seven seats, like the Discovery, with a slightly wieldier, more dynamic bent while containing much of the stately upright-ness and off-road power of the typical Range Rover. The Sport uses aluminum construction, like the full-fat Range Rover, meaning it’s far lighter than its predecessor by 400kg.

It comes equipped with squared-off LED lights and intakes, and inside it’s the buttonless, touchscreen-covered cockpit that gives away the latest version of the ever so fabulous Range Rover. Can you believe how fast technology is evolving? You might not have heard the new Range Rover coming your way at all, given Land Rover introduced a plug-in hybrid version, titled P400e, in 2018, complete with a 400bhp output and claimed economy of 100mpg and 64g/km of cO2.

There’re many choices as to what features you’d like out of your Range. There’s a choice of four, six and eight-cylinder engines, and while all versions get four-wheel drive, the extra off-road features of Terrain Response 2 and air suspension isn’t standard across the models. You’ll also need to spend more for air suspension. There are many add ons to this vehicle so you just need to consider how you will be driving it most of the time in order to pick the options that are right for you.

The range starts with the HSE and rises in prices and spec through HSE Dynamic (horrid bodykit, avoid) and Autobiography Dynamic to the SVR, complete with its certifiable 5.0-litre supercharged V8.

The information in this blog was gathered from Top Gear’s review of the all new Range Rover.

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