Range Rover Velar Unveiled at Milan Design Week

Range Rover Velar

We’ve written before about Land Rover’s new vehicle, the Range Rover Velar, which was scheduled to be unveiled at Milan Design Week. Now details have been released, and the Velar promises to marry form and function in one luxurious package.

The Velar is slated to fill the space between the Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover Sport. It’s the first to have a non-leather premium interior option, celebrating sustainable design trends with premium textile partner Kvadrat. In an installation at the La Permanente museum, Land Rover celebrated their “Reductionism” philosophy, stripping away the bells and whistles to reveal truly revolutionary design. The interior is beautifully crafted but also eco-friendly, showcasing the thoughtfulness we’ve come to expect from Range Rover.

The interior fabric is beautiful, durable, and luxurious, made of a rich wool yarn manufactured in the UK which stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Kvadrat is Europe’s foremost manufacturer of design textiles. At the Reductionism installation, visitors walk through a forest made of Kvadrat which leads to the Range Rover Velar.

Land Rover simultaneously announced a partnership with BORN, a market network where innovators showcase their new products. As BORN founder JC Chopin states: “Creativity and design must be satisfying – meeting a need, pleasing to behold, and enriching to use. But creativity can only achieve its aims with an audience. My question was how can we bridge the gap between consumers’ appetite for new products and designers’ need to finance them? Which is why I created BORN.”

At Milan Design Week, BORN showcased works by five designers: design technology by John Brunner and Igor Duc, marble benches from Citco, crystal housewares by Lalique of France, and sustainable diamond jewelry by Vanessa Stofenmacher. These creators were entered in the Land Rover BORN awards, which celebrate design excellence, sustainability, and innovation. The winners will be announced on July 26th in Norway. You can follow the competition under the hashtag #BornCollective.