The Range Rover Sport Tour of Wales and Cotswolds

In order to showcase the performance and capability of the Range Rover Sport, the Land Rover team chose several of the areas nearby that could give them the views and the stage in which to express what this amazing SUV could do. As one of the most comfortable luxury brands on the road and on the trails, Range Rover offered a look to anyone in the areas it visited with the Sport model while also capturing the adventurous fun of the travels.range rover sport feature

Around the area the Range Rover Sport travelled to Eastnor Castle, Caban Coch Reservoir, Brecon Beacons, Cotswolds and Sezincote House. These five locations gave the Land Rover team a great way to showcase what this impressive SUV could do on an off the road. Some of these areas were high class luxury establishments where the Land Rover name carried clout and fit in perfectly. Of course, other areas were dense with trails and tested the wares of the 4WD system of the Range Rover Sport and what it could actually do in the wilderness.

Everywhere the Range Rover Sport went it was considered one of the most capable and impressive vehicles in the area to give the look and feel of dominance on and off the road. The team from Land Rover collected some amazing photos of their travels and came back with some new friends and an experience that’s unmatched by any other vehicle on the current market.