My Car Flunked its Emissions Test—What Now?

car emissions

If you’re re-registering or selling your vehicle, a failed smog test can be a hassle and cost you cash you weren’t prepared to spend. What happened? What can you do?

We could write a book about all the reasons your car might have failed its emissions test, but here are a few possibilities:

Check Engine Light

You probably know that your car can’t pass with a check engine light on. But do you know why that light clicked on in the first place? One of the most common reasons is a faulty oxygen sensor. The fix for this is usually a couple hundred dollars. If ignored, though, it can lead to catalytic converter issues which can cost big bucks. So, don’t wait for a test to get your light checked out; take it to your trusted mechanic, and save yourself some money down the road.

A Rattle and a Dip

Have you noticed engine noise, vibrations in the driver’s seat or gas pedal, or a dip in fuel efficiency? This could mean a damaged exhaust system. Once this is addressed, you’ll not only pass the emissions test, but your car will run smoother. Again, you need a team of service advisors and technicians you can rely on to find solutions that work best for you.

Overdue for an oil change?

Dirty oil in the crankcase produces additional pollutants, sometimes enough to make your car fail. Regularly changing your oil can help you emit fewer hydrocarbons and also keep your engine running for miles and miles—a win-win! It’s best to get your car on a maintenance schedule. That way, we do all the worrying while you just do the driving!

A trusted auto care facility

When you fail a test, you can study up and take it again. The only way your car can pass the emissions test is to undergo a diagnostic exam and see what’s going on. That’s why you need an automobile repair shop you can trust. In Seattle, that means bringing your Audi, BMW, Fiat, Land Rover, Jaguar, Mercedes, MINI, Saab, Smart Car, Volkswagen, or Volvo, or other vehicle to EuroCar Service. We have earned a reputation as the Emerald City’s most dependable, accurate, and honest European automobile service facility. Since 1981, we have provided cutting edge maintenance and repair and award-winning customer service. Call us at 206-527-8828 or schedule an appointment online today!