MINI New Upgrades at 2017 SEMA

John Cooper Motorworks is showcasing a new sport package at 2017 SEMA at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This new kit is more than just an upgrade for existing MINI drivers. Instead, the automaker is promising a real increase in power and style for their sporting needs.

The JCW Tuning Kit features a reflash of the engine management software. It offers a combination of reduced back pressure and a more eager ECU, which will combine for an increased power upgrade for both the Clubman and Countryman models of the Mini Cooper S. This will take the vehicle from 189 hp to 208 hp, with torque increasing to 221 pound-feet between between 1,350 rpm and 4,600 rpm as well.

There’s also a new exhaust system on display. The JCW Tuning Kit features an exhaust volume component, which will come in two modes: Sport and Sport +. Both systems are noisier than the existing exhaust system, with MINI recommending that the Sport+ model be reserved for track use only. However, the Sport model is approved for street use.

The kit, whose asking price is $1950, will go on sale at MINI dealerships across the country. They promise to add noise and power to both the Clubman and Countryman models.

The 2017 Countryman was noted to be a full polish of the brand’s existing subcompact model. With a design built from BMW’s X1 model, it featured Mini’s first front wheel drive vehicle, but with more speed and agility than the X1–offering a more exciting ride. This made it one of the only vehicles in its class and at this price point, for those seeking to wed luxury to power and performance. It also offers a bevy of options, so that drivers can be sure they’re getting exactly the vehicle that they want. The JCW Tuning Kit is a natural extension of this, and will be the perfect compliment to the next generation of Countrymen.