How does MINI do in crash tests?

The 2011, 2012 and 2013 MINI Cooper Countryman has been designated as a Top Safety Pick by IIHS, the non-profit dedicated to reducing injuries and damage due to collisions. For roof strength and front, side, rollover, and rear impact protection, it earned “Good” ratings. The IIHS also acknowledges the importance of electronic stability control, which comes standard on every MINI, as a critical safety feature.

How Does MINI fare in extreme weather?

The engineers at MINI road test all cars under the harshest possible conditions. Cold weather testing is done in the winter in the Arctic Circle in Finland. Death Valley is the inhospitable host of MINI extreme hot weather tests.

Are all MINI models available with automatic transmissions?


Which models come in all-wheel drive?

Though not standard, the Countryman and Paceman are available with ALL4, MINI’s all-wheel drive system. On the other hand, the Cooper and Cooper S are only offered in front-wheel drive.

What is the top speed of a MINI?

It ranges on the high side from the John Cooper Works Hardtop at 153 mph to the Cooper Countryman automatic at a frisky, though not overpowering, 113 mph.

Can I get the MINI One in the US?

There is very little demand for the least powerful MINI offering, the One. With only 90 hp, the car has less power than even the smallest, most inexpensive cars marketed in the US. The One is competitive in Europe where fuel prices are three to four times higher and commuting speeds are much lower.

Is the current MINI bigger than the Classic MINI?

The classic Minis were about 12 inches narrower and two feet shorter than the current MINI Cooper which is just over 12 feet long. The MINI Clubman is about 9 inches longer, measuring 12’11” in length.

Am I too tall for a MINI?

MINIs have been designed to accommodate people that are up to 6’7” tall.

Can you fold the rear seats down?

Yes. The rear seats of the Cooper fold down and are split 50/50. The Countryman and Paceman rear seats also fold down and have a 60/40 split.

What is the fuel capacity?

The fuel tank of the Cooper holds 13.2 gallons. The fuel capacity of the Countryman and Paceman is 12.4 gallons.

Where are MINIs built?

The home manufacturing facility in England has been at the same site for over 100 years in Oxford, England. Some MINI vehicles are assembled in Born, Netherlands, and in Graz, Austria.

Can I import a European model?

Due to US specifications, you cannot import a new MINI.

Can I get European Delivery of my MINI?

At this point, you cannot pick up your MINI designed for the US market in England, though the carmaker is working on instituting a European delivery program.

What is the difference between a classic Mini and a MINI?

The Mini is the classic version of the car. MINI is the brand name of the current lineup of cars.

When was the Mini first introduced?

In response to gas shortages caused by the second Arab-Israeli war in 1956, the British Motor Corporation (BMC) decided to jump into the crowded European microcar market. The Mini debuted in 1959. It had the first mass-produced transversally placed engine, giving it great handling and enough roominess to fit four adults. Pretty soon, Queen Elizabeth and other celebrities were spotted behind the wheel of the Mini, quickly turning it into the most popular car ever made in Britain.

When was the Cooper S introduced?

In 1961, the racing legend, John Cooper, designed a high-performance Mini, including more horsepower, improved brakes, wider tires, and a color-contrasting roof. Cooper took his redesign to another level in 1963, building a pure race version of the Mini, called the Cooper S, winning Monte Carlo in 1964, 1965, and 1967.

Were Classic Minis sold in America?

Yes. BMC sold Minis in the US from 1960 to 1967. Due to new safety and emissions standards, the company chose to exit the market in 1968. MINI, now owned by BMW, returned to America in its updated form in 2002.