Mini Concept Cars

Mini Cooper is known for making amazing concept cars. If only they were real. We’d buy one of these in a heartbeat.

In 1997, the Mini Concept Monte Carlo Raylle was brought to life. This concept was created to remember the victory that was the classic Mini in the 1967 Monte Carlo Rally. The vehicle includes Mini’s iconic hexagonal radiator grille, paired with the circle headlights.

In 2010 Came the Mini Beachcomber Concept. Doesn’t this remind you of a Barbie Jeep? It was brought to life as a kid’s car, but adults can only dream it would be brought into the auto market for real.

In 2011 the Mini Rocketman Concept was introduced. This small, yet mighty vehicle can technically seat 4 people. Though the 4-person limit is recommended for a short journey. Coming in at just 11ft 3in long, and 4ft 7in high, we would recommend leaving the 4th person at home unless they’re the size of a baby monkey.

In 2019, this pure-electric concept car is expected to be put into production. Meaning, you can actually buy one of these someday in the near future. As of July 2018, there’s no word on the specs. We think it is pretty cool looking, though (photo from

Back in 2017, Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research, developed this Mini concept. It designed for ample space out of a Mini, storage in front and back of vehicle, and a scalable powertrain. It reminds us of the BMW I3 Design.

The MINI Superleggra vision concept is equipped with high speed performance, light weight, and is intended to provide that movie-star look. James Bond, anyone? *photo from

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