Mighty New MINI Electric Pulls Cargo Plane

Small but mighty, the first-ever all-electric 2020 MINI walks onto the playground and picks a fight with the biggest kid it can find—a Boeing 777 cargo plane. Obviously marketing itself as more muscle than minuscule, the video released by MINI shows the tiny Sportster making short work of the giant jet, pulling it fairly easily down the runway with The Score’s “Legend” providing the only narration.

A Dreamer with the Fever to Be Great

This 2020 MINI, rumored to be called the SE, is based on the MINI three-door hatchback and UKL1 platform adapted to accommodate batteries and drivetrain. Insiders say that the SE will likely be powered by an electric powertrain nearly identical to the BMW i3 S, but instead of being rear-wheel drive, the electric powertrain will probably be placed on the front axle, giving it 184 horsepower with plenty of instantaneous front-wheel-drive torque. Enough to, say, pull a huge jet plane down a runway.

A Finder with the Fever for the Fame

The Boeing freight aircraft used in the video is nearly 20 times as long as the MINI and about 100 times heavier, making for a pretty dramatic visual. The video and upcoming marketing campaign is meant to message this electric car as brawny and give potential drivers the sense they are big and bad, not tiny and timid.  BMW has promised more fun videos showing their cars’ strengths, leading up to the unveiling of all of its 2020 models in Frankfurt in September.

Won’t Stop till We’re Legend

Of course, they are not the only entity aside from a pushback—the Hummer-on-steroids you see pushing jets into position—that tests its strength against the bulky inertia of a plane on the tarmac. Airplane pulls are fairly common for strongmen—Reverend Kevin Fast of Canada pulled a CC-177 Globemaster III, weighing nearly 200 tons about 28 feet in 2009, setting a world record. Dulles airport has a plane pull every year in which teams of 25 people compete to pull a plane 12 feet the fastest. Special Olympics plane pulls are especially heart-warming—raising money for athletes with special abilities. MINI is certainly positioning itself as a strong, dynamic player in the electric car market, and its debut is eagerly anticipated.

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