Mercedes Diesel Repair Seattle

Mercedes Diesel Repair Seattle

If you are looking for the best in Mercedes diesel repair in the Seattle area, look no further than EuroCar Service.  We have been providing European auto repair services such as Mercedes repair and maintenance for quality European brands for over thirty years.

While they have many advantages over gasoline engines and even gasoline-electric hybrids, diesel engines do have special maintenance requirements.  Due to a lack of spark plugs and distributors, your diesel engine will never need an ignition tune-up.  However, changing the oil and air, oil, and fuel filters according to the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule is essential.  Also, many diesel vehicles have water separators that need to be emptied manually.  These components may be difficult to access, and are best tended to by a trained mechanic. Diesel engines are built to last, as long as they are properly maintained.  Repairs such as service of a compromised fuel injection system can be very expensive.

To keep your Mercedes diesel repair simple and your engine running at its best, consider the maintenance that EuroCar Service offers.  We will stamp your service manual with confidence, as our maintenance services all qualify to uphold warranty requirements.

If your Mercedes automobile does require repair, you can count on our skilled and certified repair technicians to provide the best possible service.  We have over twenty years of experience in repairing and servicing Mercedes vehicle, and have access to the best quality replacement parts.  Whether you need a new clutch or a total engine rebuild, we offer superior service in the Seattle area.

EuroCar Service also services other quality European brands, including Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Mini Cooper, Saab, VW, and Volvo automobiles.  We are proud to offer an extensive knowledge of European auto repair without the dealership prices