Make Your Mercedes Last Longer

Make Your Mercedes Last Longer
When you own a show stopper like a Mercedes, it can have you asking what can I do to make my Mercedes last longer? Chances are you have a friend or family member that has a vehicle on the road that they have had for 15 plus years, and it is still running strong. This is due to following their local auto garage’s service recommendations over all these years. Did you know in Greece there was a 1976 Mercedes-Benz 240D that went 2.8 million miles before being retired to the Mercedes-Benz museum in Germany? While hitting seven figure mileage is the exception, religiously following the manufacturer’s scheduled Mercedes-Benz maintenance for your car will pay off in extended service life. It is no longer uncommon to see a vehicle surpass 200,000 miles and still be running smoothly.

Here are some tips to a longer lasting Mercedes-Benz:

1. Regular Maintenance
EuroCar has the right tools, along with years of experience and training, to make sure that the maintenance is done correctly every time, using approved methods and genuine Mercedes-Benz parts. Our service staff will be more than happy to set up a regular maintenance schedule with you. Keeping to that schedule is possibly the easiest thing you can do to keep your Mercedes-Benz on the road for years to come.
2. Fluids and Filters
Coolant, oil, brake fluid, and steering fluid are just some of the fluids whose levels can fluctuate over time. Low fluids can cause poor performance overheating, and poor lubrication leading to excessive wear and tear. Fluids can become dirty or contaminated through use, and contaminants can also decrease effectiveness. You should also have your radiator flushed annually, and make sure you have your oil and oil filter changed according to your service advisor’s recommendation.
3. Brakes and Tires
These are two components of the vehicle that it is extremely important to follow service guidelines. This is because brakes and tires are the essential safety components of the vehicle. Put either off for too long and you risk a dangerous car accident occurring.
4. Annual detail
It is worth it to purchase a vehicle detail annually. It does not just keep your investment looking great but prevents damage to the vehicle from the weather’s elements. It will also keep your resale value higher when the time comes to sell your Mercedes.
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