Land Rover Discovery

The Land Rover Discovery has been continually produced by British automaker Land Rover since 1998. The latest model is the fifth generation, released in 2017 at the Paris motor show. British-built at JLR’s facility at Solihull in the West Midlands, the fifth generation Discovery improves on the previous model’s styling, softening the traditionally blunt edges. This was a move that risked alienating the vehicle’s rough and tumble fanbase, who favored the rugged looks of the older Discovery for use in hauling. However, moving the Land Rover in the direction of the brand’s sport models makes room in their line for a rugged off-terrain model to be produced by the end of the decade.

However, Land Rover is maintaining the Discovery’s reputation as a towing vehicle. The Discovery features Smart Towing Assist, with semi-autonomous technology which splits the load between car and driver for towing horseboxes, caravans, and trailers. Automatic steering, steering lock, and a camera to view the car’s rear load are all there to make sure that whatever cargo a driver carries remains safe. There’s even a trailer test light, which pulses from within the vehicle so drivers can ensure that tail lights are working–without another passenger to assist them.

The current Discovery is a seven-seat model, featuring fold-flat seats in the rear row to maximize both passenger load and storage capacity. The fascia features an Infotainment System with screen sizes ranging up to ten inches depending on trim. There are up to 9 USB ports, 4 device charging stations, and ample interior storage, meant to stow everything from your iPhone to your dry cleaning.

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