Is the Land Rover Defender Good for Off-Roading?

The Land Rover Defender is absolutely fantastic for off-roading. It’s an off-road vehicle, after all! It’s literally built with off-roading in mind and it performs admirably both on the road and off of it. The Defender has a long history as an all-wheel drive vehicle capable of tackling multiple different terrains, from icy mountains to muddy jungles. It’s seen action on European warfronts and aided in modern-day humanitarian efforts in some of the most underdeveloped places on the planet. Suffice to say that it’s well up to the task.


For some history, Land Rovers are British-made cars that were first produced in the 1940s. The Land Rover Defender, originally called the Land Rover 110, made its first appearance in the 1980s and was in regular production until 2016, when they stopped production. In January of 2018, a special edition was announced, so we’ll see new versions of this vehicle on the roads, as well as off them, soon enough. These vehicles have been used on all seven continents (yes, even Antarctica) due to their durability and off-roading capabilities, making them one of the best and most frequently used off-roading vehicles in the world.


Not only is the Defender an incredible all-around vehicle, it’s also used in a variety of professions that require a reliable vehicle that can handle some of the toughest environments imaginable. Emergency services the world over use this vehicle in order to reach nearly-impossible areas and get people to safety when necessary. It’s a powerful machine capable of towing and carrying equipment, trailers, other vehicles, and whatever else is necessary. If you have an adventurer’s spirit, there’s no doubt that this vehicle will serve you well for many years.


Defenders are available in different body types for the 90 and 110 wheelbases to suit your needs. You can drive either a pick up or hard top, so that’s worth considering based on how you plan to use the truck. If it’ll be mainly a hauling or working vehicle, a pick up offers lots of space for cargo. For hardcore off-roading that’s likely to be messy or challenging, a hard top is the safer (and cleaner) option. It’s also available in a cassis cab for hauling, a utility wagon for commercial use, a station wagon, or a high capacity pick up. Whatever you need it for, it’ll work for you.


As we mentioned above, there aren’t currently any new Land Rover Defender models being released, though there are plans for a special edition soon. The last available model is 2016, so finding an approved pre-owned vehicle is your next step if you’d like to own one. For those who already own a Defender, you’re aware that these specialized European cars need quality care from an experienced auto technician, and that’s care we can provide. We imagine that your car takes some punishment when you go off-road, so you can always come to us for maintenance and repairs.


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