Is a Mid-Engined Sports Car on the Way for Mini?

Mind Engined Sports Car

Mini’s parent company, BMW, is doing just fine. Sales increased for The M division by nearly a third last year, to 135,000 units. On the other hand, Mini saw a global drop of 4%. 

The solution? Mini’s considering going up-market, with something faster and more luxurious. 

Their concept car is called the Mini Superleggera. Stepping away from its front-wheel drive, front-engine roots, Mini’s new car will be a low-slung, mid-engine sportster with classic European lines that swoop and curve. 

As long as they’re thinking big they might as well swing for the fences. Sources from Mini suggest it might not even have a combustion engine. Electric is the fuel source of the future which is exactly where Mini is headed.

About The Vehicle

The original concept of the Superleggera was unveiled in 2014, but BMW put the lightweight two-seater on hold. Mini thinks market conditions are now right for a high-end fun-machine.

Mini hints that its fourth-generation cars, possibly including the Superleggera, will arrive in 2020. 

Though mothballed, the Superleggera has remained influential from the get-go. It is credited with kickstarting the brand’s evolution that began, a year later, with the Clubman. Since then, Mini has moved away from its early flirtation with retro-futuristic design, transitioning to a restrained, nearly classic approach.

That direction can be seen in both the interior and exterior of the current Mini lineup, and folks are fired up to see the real-life straight off the factory line appearance of the concept car that started it all.    

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