How the VW pedestrian monitoring works

How the VW pedestrian monitoring works

The Pedestrian Monitoring System is the newest feature of the VW Front Assist technology. The Front Assist also has a 3-part traffic monitoring system it runs through. Front Assist uses the same radar technology from the Pedestrian Monitoring System to go through the traffic monitoring procedure.

3-Part System

Part 1 of this procedure is to send audio chimes to the driver to catch their attention, as well as provide visual alerts to the driver on the dash if Front Assist detects them to be too close to the vehicle in front of them. If the driver is unresponsive, part 2 of the traffic monitoring system is implemented where the VW computer quickly hits the brakes for the driver as another warning. If the driver does not hit the brakes after that, or hit them hard enough, the vehicle will apply the amount of brake pressure necessary to avoid a collision. This is referred to as Autonomous Emergency Braking. The Front Assist detecting a vehicle is the same way that it detects a person. It uses the same system to apply the brakes and avoid hitting the pedestrian as it does to avoid hitting another vehicle.

If the Front Assist system detects an inevitable accident, it will trigger the emergency brake on the vehicle in hopes to minimize the extent of the damage. The system essentially acts as third eye for the driver.

Front Assist Vehicles

The following vehicles currently provide Driver Assistance in its 2018 models: Volkswagen Golf, Passat Sedan, Volkswagen Arteon, Volkwagen Tiguan, Volkswagen Golf Alltrack, Volkswagen Passat Alltrack, Volkswagen Caddy, Volkswagen Multivan, Volkswagen Crafter. Volkswagen also provides roadside assist with its vehicles, which can offer you additional piece of mind while on the road.

Our Team Specializes in Volkswagen

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*Driver Assistance features are not substitutes for attentive driving. See Owner’s Manual for further details and important limitations. Unfortunately, we are not living life as the Jetsons just yet.