how much is the maintenance on a Mercedes?

how much is the maintenance on a Mercedes?

Everyone has a friend that has a vehicle they’ve been driving around for ages, yet old faithful keeps on rolling! This is because the vehicle has been well maintained. Did you know that there is a Mercedes in the Mercedes-Benz museum in Germany that went 2.8 million miles before it retired? While we cannot guarantee your car will last for 2.8 million miles, we can certainly get you 200,000 miles and beyond with our excellent service and repairs.

We can help you keep the maintenance cost as low as possible if you follow our recommended maintenance plan when you come in. Here are some general maintenance tips to follow.

Keep your Mercedes Clean. If your vehicle is not kept clean, it risks getting dirt and grime into places that it doesn’t belong, causing preventable automotive repair. Road salt also can collect on the undercarriage and body which leads to corrosion. Do not let this happen to you as it can be very expensive to repair this damage.

Bring your car to a certified shop for regular maintenance. Regular maintenance keeps your vehicle on the road longer, and helps you avoid expensive repairs. Did you know it even improves your gas mileage?

Regularly have your fluids checked. We recommend at least every three months, and especially before and after a long road trip.

Check your tires. Inspect for uneven tire wear, and to make sure there is sufficient tread.

Keep it in the shade. Did you know excessive sun can affect the paint job and headlights on your Mercedes? Keep your investment beautiful for longer by keeping it in the shade.

Have your Mercedes AC Checked. Though not every day in Seattle is a hot one, nobody wants a broken AC when the hot day comes. Be sure to have an AC service performed by one of our master technicians.

Bring your vehicle to an authorized Mercedes-Benz Service Center for the best service possible!

It’s tough to say exactly how much maintenance is on a Mercedes. Think about your car like a person. Every vehicle is different, so no two vehicles are going to have the same exact repair prices. Give EuroCar a call today and we will build you a free estimate for all your Mercedes repair and service needs. We have an industry leading warranty, certified ASE Master Technicians, and genuine Mercedes parts available to get your repairs completed.