Get Your Transmission in Shape for Summer

Get Your Transmission in Shape for Summer

Summer is here, whether you plan to tow a boat or go on a road trip, it’s important to make sure your transmission is up to the task! The hot weather and extra strain on your vehicle can cause it to work overtime, which means your internal transmission temperature will be higher than normal. 

The Importance of Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid helps cool and lubricate the moving parts in manual and automatic transmission systems. If the transmission fluid is low, contaminated, or old, it can quickly cause your transmission to overheat. When this happens, it can lead to complete transmission failure—and an expensive repair bill. 

For this reason, it’s very important to make sure to monitor your transmission fluid regularly and have it replaced at the recommended service intervals. This helps prevent the buildup of grime and contaminants. Transmission fluid also breaks down over time and becomes increasingly acidic; flushing the transmission periodically and adding fresh, clean fluid helps prevent corrosion that can damage the system and cause leaks. 

Transmission Fluid Change vs. Transmission Flush

Although it’s always best to follow the service schedule recommended in your owner’s manual, the color of your transmission fluid can tell you a lot about its condition and whether it needs to be changed. New transmission fluid is bright red; as it ages and is exposed to heat, the fluid can begin to change color. If your transmission fluid is dark red or nearly brown transmission fluid, it’s time to have it changed. 

Transmission fluid changes are typically recommended every 30,000 miles. During a transmission fluid change, the old fluid is drained from the system and the transmission filter is replaced. Although this will help your transmission run better, there will be some old fluid and buildup left in the system. A transmission flush completely drains all the old fluid and replaces it with new fluid. These are typically recommended every 60,000 miles. 

Keep Your Transmission Well-Maintained

Keeping your transmission well-maintained will help your system work its best and help you avoid expensive repairs. So, before you head out to enjoy summertime activities, bring your vehicle to EuroCar Service for a pre-trip inspection. We’ll check your fluids, belts, hoses, and brakes to make sure everything is in good working order. We see all European makes, including AudiBMWLand RoverMercedesMini CooperSaabVolkswagenVolvoSmart CarFiat, and JaguarSchedule an appointment today by calling 206-527-8828