German Car Repair Tips

German Car Repair Tips

Don’t Go to a Generic Shop If You’re Car is German

German carmakers, such as AudiBMWMercedes, and MINI, design cars to give you the performance you demand. A generic automotive shop won’t have equipment and expertise to work on these specialized vehicles. At EuroCar Service, we have decades of experience working with German-made vehicles that we would like to share with you.

Equipment and Experience  

All of that performance you’ve come to know and love requires specialty tools and diagnostic equipment specific to each make and model. The corner repair shop, even a good one, won’t have the necessary equipment to do the right work on your vehicle.

Shops that work on every kind of car will only occasionally see a high-end German-made automobile. We also work on these cars all day, every day and can accurately diagnose your vehicle and won’t just throw parts at the trouble until it goes away. You need a shop that has the equipment and experience to fully diagnose your car, pinpoint the issues, and make the correct repairs.

As Cars Get Smarter, Your Repair Shop Should Too  

Did you know that your vehicle has up to 90 computers? From braking, steering, and throttle control to transmission and engine management, everything is interconnected. You need experts to check these modules for issues and periodically update programs. Again, this requires specialized equipment and training.

Original or Better Parts

Does your professional have access to all the same parts as a dealer? Not only that, do they know which OEM parts are better? We can get you all the parts the dealer can, but also offer significant savings by using non-original replacement parts that are proven to perform better than parts from the manufacturer.

Regular Maintenance

Late-model Audis, BMWs, Mercedes, and MINIs notify you when their computers determine that conditional service is required. Unlike most cars, conditional service is not based on preset mileage or time benchmarks alone, but also on the kind of driving and environments you are driving in.

Depending on your specific make and model, this includes engine oil service, cabin micro air filter, engine air filter, brake fluid, brake pads, and even your annual state emissions test. We have the specialized factory diagnostic equipment to read conditional service intervals and reset them after performing the service. You should schedule a basic oil service every 5,000 miles for turbo and supercharged engines like the Audi and every 7,500 for all other late models. Does your generic shop know that older models using mineral-based oil should not use full synthetic oil?

These are just a few of the reasons you should bring your car to a shop that specializes in high-performance from across the pond. EuroCar Service has been your dependable, accurate, and honest European vehicle service facility since 1981. We are committed to state-of-the-art procedures for your Audi, BMWFiatLand RoverJaguar, Mercedes, MINISaabSmart CarVolkswagen, or Volvo. With a reputation for customer service and craftsmanship, we are proud to be included on Expertise’s exclusive list of Best Auto Shops in Seattle. Conveniently open Monday through Friday, from 7:30 to 5:30, we even provide free shuttle service and loaner cars. Join the EuroCar Service family by scheduling an appointment online or calling 206-527-8828 right now!