Fuel Systems Need Cleaning, Too

Close up detail of new car engine

If you have a vehicle with a traditional combustion engine that runs on gasoline or diesel, the fuel system is an essential part of your vehicle. If the fuel system isn’t operating properly, your car’s performance will be hindered – or it won’t run at all!

The fuel system begins with the fuel tank. The fuel pump is located inside the tank and pumps fuel (either gas or diesel) to the engine. Along the route from fuel tank to the engine, there is a fuel filter. This filters out contaminants and dirt before the fuel gets to the engine. Then the fuel intake system and fuel injectors deliver the fuel to be combusted in the engine, which gives the car energy to move.

What Do You Service?

At EuroCar Service, we work on European makes including Jaguars, Audis, BMWs, Fiats, Land Rovers, Mercedes, MINIs, Saabs, Smart Cars, Volkswagens, and Volvos. Our goal is to help your car run smoothly for as long as possible – so we want to make sure the various parts of the fuel system work well!

Our number one recommendation for keeping your fuel pump operating at its peak is to use quality fuel. All gas is not created equal. Good, first-rate gas generally has more detergents to keep the fuel clean and fewer contaminants. By using top-tier gasoline, you can put less stress on the pump and extend its life. Why bother? Because the fuel pump is located inside your tank, it is time-consuming and thus expensive to replace.

What’s Next?

The next component to consider is your fuel filter. If the filter is too clogged with debris, fuel may not easily pass through. If fuel can’t get to the engine, the engine can sputter and die. While many fuel filters have a bypass valve that allows unfiltered fuel to pass through to the engine, this doesn’t solve the problem. It means that dirty fuel can be going into the engine and causing build up there. EuroCar Service recommends checking the owner’s manual of your European make or talking with us about when to replace your filter.

Just as contaminants in fuel can cause build-up in the pump and filter, the same thing can happen to the fuel intake system. If the intake system is clogged with gunk, it will not pass fuel to the engine smoothly and can pass contaminants on to the injectors and engine. These injectors “inject” fuel into the engine at very precise increments, so even a slight slowdown is a big deal. Gunk in your system can decrease your fuel economy, hurt your car’s performance, and wear down your fuel intake system faster. Fuel intake systems are expensive, both the parts and the labor to replace, so it makes sense to take care of this component to save yourself money. A fuel system cleaning by professional auto technicians will banish the debris so fuel can flow freely. Tiny contaminants in your fuel system can have a BIG impact! EuroCar Service offers professional fuel system cleaning to ensure your pump, filter, intake, and injectors are clean of debris and working properly. This service will remove any gunk deposits on the intake valves and inside the engine combustion chamber. With a smoothly running fuel system, you can have the best fuel economy and performance from your car!