Fiat Hedges Bets With Gas and EV Version of 500

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Shorter drive times, more charging stations, tighter parking spaces. What makes more sense than going electric with small cars designed for urban landscapes?

Fiat is doing just that by introducing the 500e. You’ll still be able to get hybrid and fossil-fueled versions of the 500. The e-version is targeted at premium buyers while existing models will be sold at lower pricing.  

You need a car with a smaller footprint when navigating city streets. Driving demands are simpler. Function rises in importance. The 500e is a natural evolution. Two inches longer and wider than its predecessors, the e isn’t exactly roomy. Those couple of inches do make a noticeable difference for adult elbows and knees. Everything else is much more upscale. It boasts a slick infotainment system, detailed stitching in the leather seats, sleek touchable surfaces, and a sporty, cutoff steering wheel.

Other Features

The 500e is also loaded with autonomous Level 2 driving technology that includes distance-keeping cruise, lane-keeping assist, and emergency braking systems. All of this delivers a driving experience comparable to Tesla Autopilot and Volvo Pilot Assist at a much lower price point. The range of about 200 miles makes it a serious e-contender in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

The reason Fiat is keeping its gas versions of the 500 around is the difficulty of assessing those markets. The plain view is that Europe is embracing green vehicles while the American market remains centered on larger, non-carbon-neutral vehicles. Marketing and sales strategies will be based on specific countries and regions. This means you’ll still be seeing traditional 500s on new car lots in U.S. markets.Whether it’s an e, traditional, or hybrid, we love your Fiat 500. The swiftly evolving technology of European automakers means you need a repair and maintenance expert you can trust.

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