FCA’s Next Generation Uconnect: Keeping You Connected into the Future

Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA) recently announced that it will roll out a new version of its Uconnect infotainment system powered by Google’s Android system, featuring cloud-based services such as personal assistance, remote start, vehicle finder, driver analysis and much more. Many carmakers are increasingly offering more substantial infotainment systems, but these are often third-party systems that run in the back end while only the front end is specific for the vehicle. FCA takes this further by developing a dedicated system that can offer services such as traffic updates, parking and fuel station locators, as well as food and restaurant offers.

Uconnect currently offers services such as:

  • Stay Connected:
    Keeps you connected with services such as 9-1-1 Call, a button that directly connects you with emergency services, and Roadside Assistance to get you help when you most need it.
  • Personal Assistant:
    Provides the ability to unlock your door from anywhere, and voice-enabled searches for gas stations and restaurants.
  • Remote Vehicle Start:
    Allows you to use your smartphone to start your phone from the comfort of your home on extremely cold or hot days, or just because you feel like it!
  • Vehicle Finder:
    Locates your car when you have forgotten where in that mall or airport parking lot you left it, pinpointing the location and even providing directions.
  • Driver Rating:
    Analyzes driving habits and gives tips to improve safety and performance that can score you valuable discounts on auto insurance.
  • Vehicle Health Report:
    Summarizes the performance of your car’s key systems, enabling you to stay on top of maintenance and repair needs. This includes a health alert when a critical system needs immediate attention.

Other Benefits of Uconnect

The new Uconnect technology will make future mobility services possible, including insurance based on actual vehicle mileage, “pay-by-the-mile” and other short-term vehicle rental arrangements, and peer car-sharing services that might eventually be integrated with self-driving capability. FCA claims that the Uconnect system will keep you connected well into the future since it supports 5G networks and the latest in smart technologies, including as yet only projected systems such as vehicle communication with traffic lights and signs.

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