FCA discontinues the Fiat 500 in North America

FCA Discontinues The Fiat 500

The Fiat 500, the diminutive Italian hatch that showed up in North America in 2011 (signaling the return of Fiat to the U.S.) will no longer be sold here. Citing flagging sales, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) announced it is ending production of the car that brought Fiat back to American shores less than a decade ago.

Though Fiat will continue to offer the 500X crossover, the five-passenger 500L, and the Spider 124, built at its North American plant in Toluca, Mexico, the move leaves the future of Fiat in uncertainty.

The 500 saw declining sales in each of the last five years. Last year, sales were down a whopping 25%, though it remained Fiat’s top-selling vehicle.

The Reasoning

The main trouble that Fiat is running into is one that all makers of small cars face in North America right now. Buyers just don’t want them. In a separate announcement, FCA stated that it would end production of the compact Dodge Dart and mid-size Chrysler 200. It will instead put its resources into SUVs and trucks, vehicles that are in the highest demand in the U.S. market. Ford and General Motors have followed with cuts to their small and mid-size sedans as well.

Fiat pulled out of the American market in the 1990s due to limited demand. The 2008 recession inspired buyers to rethink their habits, giving Fiat a market opening that gave them solid early returns on their investment. They sold 43,772 vehicles their first full year after returning in 2011. But improved economic conditions have once again made small cars unappealing to U.S. consumers, and sales declined every year after. Fiat sold just 15,521 cars in 2018. Despite dynamic market factors, we are still committed to providing you with cutting edge procedures for the service and maintenance of your Fiat, Mercedes, VolvoAudi, BMW, Land Rover, MINI, SAAB, or Smart car that you demand and deserve. We know you take great pride in owning a high-performing, well-engineered vehicle. That’s why you should bring your car to the shop that Expertise has called one of the Best Auto Shops in Seattle. For dependable, accurate, honest car repair, contact EuroCar Service online or call 206-527-8828 or today!