Customer Detective Work: Helping Us Help You

Customer Detective Work: Helping Us Help You

One of the most challenging parts of auto repair is diagnosing a problem before it can be fixed. Modern vehicles are made up of many complex systems, which means there could be a number of reasons for any given symptom. Not only does this make diagnostics challenging at times, but it can also be very frustrating for drivers when it takes time to get to the root of the issue. If the problem isn’t obvious, it’s easy for drivers to focus on the repairs, rather than the diagnostics. 

Enter Customer Detective Work

Believe it or not, our customers are one of our biggest assets when it comes to diagnostics. You can think of it a bit like detective work! Let’s say your vehicle is making a strange sound. Unfortunately, that doesn’t tell us much. But if you can provide additional details, we can zero in on the problem much easier. For example:

  • Where’s the sound coming from? Around the right front wheel. 
  • What kind of sound? Kind of a clunk, clunk sound. 
  • When do you hear the sound?  When I turn and accelerate. 
  • Right and left? Forward and back? Both sides when I’m driving forward. 

As you can see, that gives us a lot more information to work with and lets us know where to start. Your technician will immediately be able to eliminate any given number of issues and start with the most likely culprits. 

When you first begin to notice issues with your vehicle, take some notes. Instead of writing down that there’s a leak, note what color the fluid is and where it seems to be leaking from. One of the most difficult issues to diagnose is engine sputtering and stalling because it tends to happen intermittently. It might not happen every time you drive; it might not even happen while your car is in the shop. In cases like that, any additional information you can provide will help us diagnose and repair your car faster. 

If we can duplicate the problem, even better! For example, if you tell us that your car stalls after it’s been driven for about 20 minutes at over 50 mph, your technician can experience it personally and make a better diagnosis. After the repair, they can test it again to ensure the problem is resolved. 

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In short, diagnosing vehicle issues is very similar in many ways to a doctor diagnosing symptoms. If you need repairs or maintenance, your vehicle is always in excellent hands at EuroCar Service. We specialize in complete care for European makes, including AudiBMWMercedesLand RoverMini-CooperFiatVolvo,VolkswagenSaabJaguar, and Smart Car. Schedule an appointment with us today at (206) 527-8828, or request an appointment through our online form.