Costs for BMW X5 Repairs & Maintenance

Do you currently own a BMW X5? Perhaps you’re thinking of purchasing one? Either way, you may be curious to know how much it costs to repair and maintain this luxury, German car. You came to the right place! 

Simply put, it is very expensive to repair and maintain this specific automobile. According to, BMW X5 owners can expect to spend over $18,000 on repairs and maintenance throughout the first 10 years of driving. This figure is only expected to increase over time. 

As stated above, because this is a luxury vehicle, parts can be more expensive and difficult to come by, leading to much pricier repair and maintenance costs.

Maintaining your Vehicle

Over time, you can expect to replace air filters, brake pads, spark plugs, oxygen sensors, and the battery. Of course, replacing these particular parts is routine for any type of vehicle. Yet, it’s recommended that you really stay up to date on all replacements if you have a BMW X5, never ignoring or delaying replacements needs, as doing so could cause expensive and permanent damage to your car. 

In addition to repair and maintenance, you should be aware of the high fees you’ll have to pay to be insured. Again, according to, the average cost to insure a BMW X5 is just under $2000 per year. Depending on your background (i.e. driving record, etc.), this figure could even be higher. 

It’s also worth mentioning that it takes time to properly repair a BMW X5, meaning you could either be without a car or have to spend money out of pocket renting one. 

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