Cooling System Service: Keeping Your Engine Cool and Protected

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If your engine never overheats, you may wonder if a cooling system service is really necessary. It’s always running at the proper temperature, so everything must be OK, right? Unfortunately, overheating is one of the most common causes of mechanical engine failure. Here’s a look at how overheating happens and why keeping your cooling system well maintained is so crucial.

What Goes On Behind the Scenes in Your Cooling System

Going from running well to suddenly overheating and engine damage isn’t a sudden process but an invisible one happening behind the scenes. The engine coolant circulates through the engine, where it absorbs heat and then flows back to the radiator, where it’s cooled. Then it’s recirculated back to the engine. If the coolant can flow freely and there are no leaks, it can do its job.

The problem is, the cooling system is a harsh environment. The temperatures are very hot, and there are several reactive materials in the system, like metal, rubber, and plastic. Over time, the coolant becomes corrosive and small pieces of metal and other materials begin to flake off and circulate in it. Once this happens, these small pieces of debris can begin to clog the small passages of the radiator, which impedes the coolant’s flow and leads to overheating.

In addition, corrosive coolant can start to eat away at parts of the system, causing leaks. New coolant is full of anti-corrosive additives, which neutralize the reactions that cause corrosion. But, these additives will eventually get used up and leave the cooling system unprotected.

For this reason, every vehicle manufacturer gives recommendations for when cooling systems should be serviced. Your service technician can also test your coolant for freeze point and PH to see if it needs to be replaced. Keep in mind, though, that these numbers may be off if you’ve added straight water to the radiator. Fresh coolant is essential to protect against harmful corrosion.

Hopefully, this has helped you understand your cooling system a little better and why it’s so important to take care of this maintenance service to prevent unnecessary repairs down the road!

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