The Classic Mini, Remastered

In a series of launch videos that emphasize the Mini Cooper’s British, rock and roll roots, David Brown Automotive introduced the new Mini Remastered. This take on the Mini harkens back to the vehicle’s roots while updating the car with modern engineering that is safe, sleek, and speedy.

The engine has been retooled to be thirty percent more powerful than previous Mini models. This power is matched with a 5-speed automatic gear shift that is a joy to ride. But the true luxury of the Mini Remastered is seen both in the interior and exterior of this new, bespoke vehicle.

The Mini Remastered is intended to be a low-volume, custom built car, with over one thousand man hours going into the production of each one. Every part of the process is controlled; paint application is done by hand, a four-week process that ensures both the good looks and durability. The oil cap and filter are even matched to the exterior color. LED rear light clusters are framed by custom aluminum surrounds, set beside a signature aluminum grille. Chrome bullet-style door-mounted wing mirrors feature LED puddle lamps so that you’ll never fumble for your keys in the dark.

The interior is crafted with the same level of care. It features full-grain, British-sourced leather, illuminated modern dials, an aluminum switchgear and a classic Mota-Lita steering wheel which is comfortable to use. The Mini Remastered features modern conveniences: a premium in-car infotainment system with a 7” touchscreen interface and Bluetooth connectivity, integrated USB/AUX ports, and interior courtesy lighting in the glove compartment. The Mini Remastered is also sound-proofed, so you can rock hard on the car’s high end sound system without disturbing the neighbors.

Each Mini Remastered is finished with an enameled badge featuring the logo of David Brown Automotive. It promises to be a contemporary take on Sir Alec Issigonis’ classic modern icon.

View the launch videos here: