Check Engine Light Seattle

For quick, accurate, and affordable diagnosis of your check engine light in Seattle, bring your vehicle to EuroCar Service.  We have chosen to specialize in European auto repair to provide the best possible service to owners of Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes, Mini Cooper, Saab, VW, and Volvo automobiles.

A check engine light may illuminate due to something as simple as a loose cap after you fill up your tank at a Seattle service station.  First, try removing and rethreading your gas cap.  However, a persistent check engine light should not be ignored.  Common issues that lead to the check engine light coming on include oxygen sensor or catalytic converter failure, a faulty mass air flow sensor, and spark plugs or wires that are failing.  The malfunction causing the check engine light to come on may cause problems, including failed emissions tests and more expensive repairs down the road.  The Auto Service Excellence (ASE) and emissions certified professionals at EuroCar Service will read your automobile’s repair code, and then perform further diagnosis to determine the problem.  You will receive a detailed estimate before any additional work is done on your vehicle.

If the diagnostic results on your car indicate a need for European auto repair, your vehicle will already be in the right place.  EuroCar Service specializes in the maintenance and repair of European automobiles.  Our service technicians have the experience and knowledge to correctly diagnose and efficiently repair your vehicle, without high dealership prices.  With over twenty years of experience and access to replacement parts designed for European cars, you can be confident in receiving the best quality service.

The best way to prevent your check engine light coming on (and they always seem to come on at the worst possible time) is a consistent maintenance schedule.  The timely replacement of filters, fluids, and other parts is absolutely key to keeping your vehicle running smoothly.  We provide a full range of quality maintenance services, from oil changes to brake service.   Call us to schedule maintenance today.