What is Fuel Injector Cleaning?

What is Fuel Injector Cleaning?

Are you looking for ways to save money at the gas pump? One of the most common issues we see with fuel economy is clogged fuel injectors. When the fuel injectors get blocked by carbon deposits and debris, it can cause your vehicle to use more fuel than it used to. Fortunately, fuel injector cleaning is generally all that’s needed to get your vehicle’s mileage back on track. 

What Are Fuel Injectors, and What Does Fuel Injection Cleaning Entail?

Fuel injectors are components that send fuel from the gas tank into the engine. The injectors atomize the fuel and then force it directly into the combustion chamber at the precise time in the combustion cycle. This process happens thousands of times a minute. Over time, high temperatures under the hood and variations in fuel quality can cause the injectors to collect wax, dirt, water, additives, and carbon. This can cause them to become partially clogged, which prevents them from being able to deliver the right amount of fuel at the proper pressure. 

When your vehicle’s fuel injectors are dirty, it causes the fuel to burn less efficiently, leading to a loss of power and poor fuel economy. Some other signs that can indicate when it’s time to have your fuel injectors serviced include:

  • Rough idling
  • Engine misfires
  • Engine vibration
  • The check engine light is on
  • Fuel leaks
  • A smell
  • Engine surges

If your fuel injectors are completely clogged, there’s a chance your engine won’t start at all. 

During your fuel injection service, our technicians will inspect the various components associated with the fuel injection system, including the system’s connections, vacuum lines, pressure regulator, and fuel rail. We’ll also clean the fuel injectors, so they operate perfectly and deliver the ideal amount of fuel for your engine. Although it can vary based on your make and model, fuel injector cleaning is typically recommended every 36-48 months or around every 45,000 miles. 

Keep Your Engine Performing its Best with Fuel Injection Cleaning 

For an engine to perform well, it needs a carefully balanced mix of fuel and air. If the injectors become clogged, it can disrupt the ratio of the mixture and affect the combustion process, resulting in issues with starting your engine, drivability, performance, and gas mileage. At EuroCar Service, we use state-of-the-art equipment and cleaners during our fuel injection services to restore your engine’s performance and fuel economy. We specialize in all European vehicles, including BMWAudiLand RoverMercedesMini-CooperSaabJaguarVolkswagenVolvoSmart Car, and Fiat! Call us today at (206) 527-8828 or request an appointment online. 

Why is Auto Air Conditioning Service Necessary?

Why is Auto Air Conditioning Service Necessary?

Did you know most car owners don’t service their vehicle’s air conditioner until after it fails? 

Just like other systems in your car, regular maintenance is important for your air conditioner and ensures it always has enough refrigerant to do the job. When there are leaks in the system that allow the refrigerant to escape, your AC can’t cool the air as well. In addition to the refrigerant, AC systems use a special oil that lubricates the components and keeps the seals intact. If the oil or refrigerant is low, it can cause your air conditioner’s parts to wear prematurely. 

What’s Involved in Car AC Service?

The air conditioning system cools the air and removes humidity from the inside of your vehicle using three main components: the compressor, condenser, and evaporator. 

The compressor, which gets its power from the serpentine belt, pumps the refrigerant through the closed system where it’s exposed to pressure. The pressure causes the refrigerant to change from gas to liquid and passes through the evaporator, capturing heat. Then, the refrigerant moves through the system lines and into the condenser. The refrigerant releases the heat outside the vehicle and turns back into a liquid. For your AC to work properly, the system needs to have the proper refrigerant and lubrication levels, and all the components must be in good working order.

We begin your air conditioning service by doing a visual inspection of the components. Our technicians look for signs of damage or leaks and inspect the compressor and serpentine belt for cracks or wear. We’ll check that the compressor, evaporator, and condenser are operating correctly and conduct a temperature drop and leak test. If we detect a leak (which will typically be in the hose or connection), we’ll repair it and retest the system.

If needed, we’ll also remove the old refrigerant and recharge the system with fresh refrigerant. Finally, we’ll perform one last test to ensure your air conditioning system is working perfectly, and you’ll be on your way! 

How Often Should Your Car’s Air Conditioner Be Serviced?

The interval for car AC service really varies from vehicle to vehicle. Check your owner’s manual for your manufacturer’s recommendations, or ask one of our friendly service advisors. It’s typically every two years, but it may be different for your make and model. EuroCar Service specializes in all European vehicles, including BMWAudiLand RoverMercedesMini-CooperSaabJaguarVolkswagenVolvoSmart Car, and Fiat! If you need car AC service or repair, call us today at (206) 527-8828 or request an appointmentonline.  

Trouble Accelerating? It May Be the Throttle Position Sensor

Trouble Accelerating? It May Be the Throttle Position Sensor

When you step on the accelerator pedal, you expect your vehicle to speed up—not slow down. If it doesn’t, you may have a problem with the throttle position sensor (TPS). 

What is the Throttle Position Sensor?

The TPS is a sensor that helps determine the right mixture of fuel and air in the engine. When the engine needs more air to accelerate, the throttle opens; it closes when you need less. The sensor is responsible for sensing the position of the throttle. It sends that information, along with airflow measurements, to your vehicle’s onboard computer. 

The computer takes a variety of factors, such as the airflow and how fast the engine is turning over to determine how much fuel the engine needs. When everything is working properly, you’ll have good fuel economy and the acceleration you’d expect. If the TPS fails, you might notice the following symptoms:

  • Poor acceleration
  • Reduced engine power 
  • Your vehicle accelerates on its own
  • The check engine light is on
  • Stalling
  • A rough or slow idle
  • Your vehicle won’t shift up

If you notice any of the above signs, it’s best to schedule an appointment soon. A faulty or failing TPS can be a serious safety issue. 

In the case of total TPS failure, most vehicles have what’s known as a “limp home” or “limp-in” mode. This is a security feature that’s activated when your vehicle’s computer detects an issue that could damage the engine. The less important features of your car will be switched off, and you’ll have reduced engine power and speed, but it’s enough to get you home or to the repair shop. 

Get Your TPS Repaired at EuroCar Service

Computers are an essential part of today’s vehicles, so it’s important to keep them—and the sensors that provide vital information—working properly. Our qualified technicians will diagnose and install the correct TPS replacement part. In some cases, it may also need to be reprogrammed, so it can work harmoniously with the other software in your vehicle. 

Whether you’re having acceleration issues or just need some general maintenance, EuroCar Service is here to keep your vehicle safe and reliable. We see all European makes, including AudiBMWMercedesLand RoverMini-CooperSmart CarVolvoSaabJaguarVolkswagen, and Fiat. Schedule an appointment today by calling (206) 527-8828 or request an appointment online.  

VW Guarantees Buzz with ID., its Concept EV Lineup

The latest EV concept line recently unveiled by Volkswagen looks backward and forward simultaneously. The ID. Buzz is a futuristic version of the iconic microbus. It’s what George Jetson would drive if he was a flower-wearing, surfing proponent of palm trees, and SoCal beaches. The ID. line also includes the ID. Crozz, ID. Vizzion, and ID. All of which have sleek, sculpted lines and feature options for autonomous driving and augmented reality. Perhaps one of the biggest buzzes of this VW concept is that the electric buzz is guaranteed—the German automaker will guarantee 70 percent battery capacity for eight years or 100,000 miles. 

There is much wrangling about EV car battery warranties. A 70 percent capacity guarantee ensures that a car battery providing less than 70 percent of the original range of a vehicle will be replaced. The batteries of cars that are charged more often degrade faster, so that the battery of the lower range Smart EQ with an estimated 99 miles per charge will degrade much more quickly than a Tesla S 100D with an estimated range of 393 miles. BMW and Nissan offer similar seventy percent of capacity guarantees. Chevy Volt, with its 238-mile range, covers 60 percent of battery capacity while a Tesla that needs even less recharging, does not provide a percentage guarantee, and instead covers unlimited miles. The guarantee offered by Volkswagen for the concept ID. lineup is at the high end of the standard for a major EV automaker battery warranty, especially since the range is predicted at around 300-400+ miles, ensuring that drivers will spend more time on the road than at the charging station.

The first VW bus was sold in the U.S. in 1950 and boasted 30 hp! The ID. Buzz is as boxy as the iconic bus, with rounded-off corners, windows all around and near-zero body overhang, yet most comparisons end there—the electric powertrain will produce 369 hp and the headlights are hexagonal an act as “eyes” to communicate the vehicle’s status. It has already won awards since being revealed at the Detroit Auto Show and is slated to begin production in 2019 as a 2020 model.

Another car in the ID. line include the ID. Crozz, a bossy Sportster with an anticipated top track speed of over 110 miles per hour, an augmented reality heads-up display and an infotainment tablet. The ID. is a four-door (two of them are sliders) that features an entirely new cockpit experience with intuitive controls and a retractable steering wheel for full-autonomous driving when possible. The ID. Vizzion is the most futuristic of the line and doesn’t need a steering wheel or pedals because it is slated to be VW’s first fully-autonomous vehicle. And it won’t just drive you. The car will recognize occupants and automatically adapt seats, climate control, and music playlists on an individual basis.  

No matter which vehicle you get, VW is developing DC Fast Charging to get cars to 80 percent of battery capacity in just 30 minutes, reducing charge time dramatically, one of the biggest hurdles for potential EV car customers. Another obstacle for those owning a European car is cost and reliability of service and repair. EuroCar Service has been your dependable, accurate and honest European vehicle service facility since 1981. When you are looking for the very best for your Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes, MINI, SAAB, Volvo, Smart car, or Fiat, we offer highly trained ASE Certified Master mechanics and the latest in automotive technology. We are conveniently open Monday through Friday, 7:30 to 5:30 and will even provide free shuttle service and loaner cars for our Seattle customers. Our inclusion on Expertise’s list of Best Auto Shops in Seattle demonstrates our commitment to the cutting-edge procedures demanded by owners of the world’s highest-performing vehicles. Schedule an appointment online, or call today to join the EuroCar Service family!

Volkswagen to stop making classic Beetle in 2019

The day has unfortunately arrived where Volkswagen has decided to stop making the beloved classic beetle. Volkswagen announced it will stop making the bug-shaped vehicle at its Mexico plant in July 2019 after releasing two special editions. The Beetle was a vehicle originally developed in Nazi Germany, after engineer Ferdinand Porsche came up with the idea in the 1931. The idea of the Beetle had been conceived in 1931, when Ferdinand Porsche and Zundapp developed the Porsche Type 12, or “Auto fur Jedermann” (translated as “Car for Everyone”).

Ferdinand Porsche was commissioned by Adolf Hitler to develop a mass production vehicle that could carry a family of four including luggage. By the time World War 2 began in 1939, only a handful of consumer cars had been produced, and all customer orders had been cancelled as production was switched from civilian vehicles to that of military vehicles. It may have been halted, but production was not ceased for good. Though the classic Beetle started in Nazi Germany, this little vehicle was one of the best-selling foreign vehicles in the United States throughout the 1960s. It even made it into a Disney movie, Herbie.

The reason to cease production of the classic Beetle is due to the decline in sales. Since 2013 the demand for SUV’s and crossovers has greatly increased. Not leaving extra room for the Beetle to join. Volkswagen has announced they will focus their time toward the development of electric vehicles. The firm’s US chief executive Hinrich Woebcken said in a statement: “The loss of the Beetle after three generations, over nearly seven decades, will evoke a host of emotions from the Beetle’s many devoted fans.” It’s a sad day but Volkswagen did not rule out a possibility of it making an appearance again someday. Maybe we’ll see an introduction of an electric Beetle at some point down the line.

EuroCar Service is located in Seattle, WA and has been your trusted European vehicle service facility since 1981. Our office is open during the convenient hours of 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. We are happy to repair all makes and models of Volkswagen. Your European automobile deserves the absolute best. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment. Or, conveniently use our online booking form by clicking here. We look forward to meeting you and servicing your vehicle. For more exciting history of the Volkswagen Beetle, check out this article, here.

How To Prevent LSPI

What is LSPI? Defined by motor.com, “LSPI is an unexpected consequence of downsizing and boosting engines. Also known as stochastic pre-ignition (SPI), megaknock, superknock or deto-knock. LSPI most commonly occurs at low speeds during a period of rapid acceleration. LSPI is believed to be caused by droplets or particles in the combustion chamber—combinations of fuel and oil—that ignite prior to spark, resulting in uncontrolled, abnormal combustion. This creates spikes in engine pressure, ultimately causing internal engine damage. In some cases, researchers reported that just a single LSPI event was sufficient to cause severe engine damage”. LSPI is ultimately caused by installing engine oil that is not high quality nor treated to prevent LSPI from occurring.

LSPI is common in modern engines, and those that are turbocharged, or are equipped with gasoline direct injection engines. There are multiple steps you can take to prevent LSPI from occurring in your vehicle. The first is choosing a high-quality motor oil that combats abnormal combustion. At EuroCar Service we only use high-quality oil with all of our oil change & filter services. Another way to prevent LSPI is to ensure you’re using the proper fuel for your vehicle. If you’re driving a European vehicle, it is likely your manufacturer calls for premium gasoline. This is one of the reasons you would want to opt for the recommended premium instead of regular gas.

Following your routine maintenance is the most important component of all. At most ASE certified automotive repair shops in the U.S. you can bring your vehicle in for an oil change, and they’ll perform a complimentary safety inspection. Though the range of what this inspection includes varies between shops, what stays consistent is your service advisor informing you of any services due by time or mileage. They’ll also recommend repairs that need to happen, and if they’re a good shop, they’ll help you work within your budget by informing you of what needs to be repaired or serviced now and what can wait.

At EuroCar Service, we take all these actions and then some. It is always important to us for our customers to avoid any possible repairs and to be safe on the road. We never want you to have to deal with sudden major engine damage repair, so make sure you make it in for your oil changes to help prevent the issue from occurring. As always give us a call with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

How the VW pedestrian monitoring works

The Pedestrian Monitoring System is the newest feature of the VW Front Assist technology. The Front Assist also has a 3-part traffic monitoring system it runs through. Front Assist uses the same radar technology from the Pedestrian Monitoring System to go through the traffic monitoring procedure.

3-Part System

Part 1 of this procedure is to send audio chimes to the driver to catch their attention, as well as provide visual alerts to the driver on the dash if Front Assist detects them to be too close to the vehicle in front of them. If the driver is unresponsive, part 2 of the traffic monitoring system is implemented where the VW computer quickly hits the brakes for the driver as another warning. If the driver does not hit the brakes after that, or hit them hard enough, the vehicle will apply the amount of brake pressure necessary to avoid a collision. This is referred to as Autonomous Emergency Braking. The Front Assist detecting a vehicle is the same way that it detects a person. It uses the same system to apply the brakes and avoid hitting the pedestrian as it does to avoid hitting another vehicle.

If the Front Assist system detects an inevitable accident, it will trigger the emergency brake on the vehicle in hopes to minimize the extent of the damage. The system essentially acts as third eye for the driver.

Front Assist Vehicles

The following vehicles currently provide Driver Assistance in its 2018 models: Volkswagen Golf, Passat Sedan, Volkswagen Arteon, Volkwagen Tiguan, Volkswagen Golf Alltrack, Volkswagen Passat Alltrack, Volkswagen Caddy, Volkswagen Multivan, Volkswagen Crafter. Volkswagen also provides roadside assist with its vehicles, which can offer you additional piece of mind while on the road.

Our Team Specializes in Volkswagen

EuroCar specializes in working on Volkswagen and other European vehicles. We stay up to date on the latest technical updates and changes. This means we understand the technology that goes into the Pedestrian Monitoring System as well as Front Assist as a whole. We provide our customers with an excellent warranty at 2 years/24,000 miles. Give EuroCar a call today to schedule your Volkswagen service. We will provide you with a maintenance plan to ensure your beloved VW stays in tip top running shape. If you have any questions about the Front Assist technology or would like to schedule a pre-purchase buyers inspection just give us a call and we are happy to help.

*Driver Assistance features are not substitutes for attentive driving. See Owner’s Manual for further details and important limitations. Unfortunately, we are not living life as the Jetsons just yet.

The Volkswagen SUV is an Excellent Family Vehicle

Wondering about whether a Volkswagen SUV is right for your family? It’s a pretty solid bet the answer is yes. The Volkswagen Atlas is a mid-size SUV that’s safe, affordable, and built with families in mind. It’s available in a number of different trims and engine sizes that offer good gas mileage. The V6 will give you more horsepower than the 2.0T, but the tradeoff is in fuel efficiency.

There are several other elements that make this a great family vehicle. Here are some of our takeaways to factor in while making your decision.

Large & Roomy

This SUV offers plenty of headspace and legroom for up to six, which can easily accommodate most families with room to spare. Foldable seats in both the second and third row offer a massive 96.8 cubic feet of cargo space so that you can pack for just about any situation. Every row can comfortably seat both children and adults.

Hands-Free Liftgate

This is rapidly becoming a standard feature in many vehicles, but it’s still worth noting for this family vehicle. It isn’t easy to manage a toddler and load groceries at the same time, so this feature makes your errands just a little bit easier. Simply wave your foot beneath the rear bumper while your key is in your pocket and the liftgate will open. You can also open the liftgate remotely with the button on your key from anywhere nearby.

Room for Multiple Child Seats

Are your kids still using safety seats? Dealing with several of them can quickly become a hassle, but with this Volkswagen SUV, you can fit three child seats on the same row with plenty of room, in any configuration. Whether your kids are forward-facing, rear-facing, or a combination of both, they’ll all fit comfortably. Now you don’t have to feel like you’re playing Jenga every time you have to load everyone in or get them out.

Space for Drinks and Snacks

With 17 cup holders and lots of storage space, there’s room for everyone’s drink and plenty of food. That should make everyone a happy camper!

Excellent Entertainment Features

The Atlas is fitted with a touchscreen sound system that has access to SiriusXM radio, Bluetooth, and any USB device. It’s also useable with AppSelect and offers a backseat screen add-on so the kids can watch a movie on long trips. The audio system is excellent and everyone will be able to listen to music at the same volume.

Safety First

Distracted driving is always dangerous, but sometimes it can’t be helped when you’re dealing with an upset child or a lot of noise. The Atlas has a 5-star safety rating from the National Highway Safety Administration and features a number of driving assist options to help keep you safe on the road. The vehicle can detect other cars and pedestrians around you and warn you in time to avoid possible accidents, brake if necessary, and keep you from drifting into another lane of traffic.

There are tons of other features in this SUV, such as climate control and high towing capability, and we encourage you to visit the Volkswagen site to get a full list of features and add-ons. Your Volkswagen SUV will last you for many years with proper care, so we recommend coming to see us regularly for routine maintenance. At EuroCar Auto, we specialize in European vehicles and can offer a superior level of service.

We hope this post helps with your decision! If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

Volkswagen Service Near Me

Volkswagen Service Near MeHas your Volkswagen suddenly started making a strange sound? Is it shaking or rattling on the road, or is your dashboard lighting up? If you need regularly scheduled Volkswagen service near you, and you’re in the Seattle area, consider bringing your vehicle to EuroCar Service Center. We’re an affordable alternative to your VW dealership, but our friendly, professional, and courteous service professionals and clean service center distinguish us from an ordinary garage. We offer high tech diagnostic equipment and twelve service bays, so that your service can be finished and you can be back on the road in no time.

We make the repair process easy as pie. Our online scheduling system can help you plan your life around repairs, and we offer both a shuttle service and loaner vehicles to our customers so that your life won’t be disrupted while you’re in for service. We’ll even stamp your service manual so that you can remain in warranty, whether you’ve previously had your car serviced at a dealership or private garage.

Dealing with car troubles can be stressful. We know that while you love your Volkswagen, you may not be an expert in all the jargon and expertise that comes with maintaining your vehicle. At EuroCar Service, it doesn’t matter. Our personable, friendly technicians, led by Shop Supervisor Andrew Sawicki, know how to speak your language so that you’ll understand exactly what is necessary to maintain your Volkswagen. Of course, we don’t only repair VWs. We’re experts in all makes and models of European vehicles, from BMW and Mercedes to Audi, Saab, and Volvo. European vehicles have unique quirks, and ordering parts and staying on top of their scheduled maintenance can be stressful. We’ll make the process easy for you without breaking your bank account.

Contact EuroCar Service today by visiting our website at eurocarservice.com or calling us at 206-527-8828. Or stop by and see for yourself the difference a clean, modern service area can make. We’re here to help you with all of your Volkswagen needs.

Volkswagen Beetle Goes Electric

VW Electric BeetleThe iconic VW Beetle is getting an overhaul. Autocar reports that the brand is considering an all-electric model which will also call back to the Beetle’s roots as a rear-wheel drive vehicle. Like the Beetles of the past, which featured a rear engine in its trunk and rear wheel drive, this new electric Beetle would feature a rear-located powertrain as well as rear wheel drive.

This would compliment the new Volkswagen Microbus that the company previewed at the Detroit Auto Show this year. The bus was a concept vehicle based on the ID Buzz Concept. It promises to feature configurable seating, interactive connectivity, and a small footprint. Not only will the all-electric vehicle offer a 270 mile driving range, but Level 3 driving autonomy as well.

VW seems to currently be undergoing a huge push for electric vehicles, and they’re teasing a new “emotional” approach in their concept designs. Chairman Herbert Diess previously hinted at the prospect of both an all-electric Beetle and an electric Volkswagen Thing, an iconic model which previously appeared in the US for only 2 years. Both of these vehicles would utilize the brand’s MEB platform, which would allow for a refresh of several iconic vehicles simultaneously. However, he stressed that the VW all-electric Beetle has yet to be confirmed. The brand is awaiting a board vote on its electric car range before it moves forward.

“We have a good chance on the electric side. You can do derivatives efficiently. We have a very flexible platform. We can do nice things: rear-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, all-wheel drive,” he said.

Diess said that the MEB platform will support the redesign of 15 cars onto an electric platform simultaneously, with five of them slated to be part of the Volkswagen brand. The ID hatchback and the ID Crozz Concept have already been promised for the European market.