BMW to Reveal Vision M NEXT Concept Car in June

Short on details but long on tantalizing images, BMW is building excitement for the unveiling of the future direction of its M series with indistinct patches of red, grey and black by artist Thomas Demand. Who knows where the M series—BMW’s performance cars that are nearly as at home on a speedway as the expressway—are heading?

For over forty years, the M series is known for generating power and thrills. Intelligent lightweight materials, including carbon fiber, reduce weight for optimal nimbleness. Twin Turbo technology further lightens body weight by reducing the number of cylinders required to produce all that muscle. What started in 1972 as a racing division, became a passion for BMW enthusiasts and resulted in some of the most coveted high-performance vehicles available, including the original M1, the iconic E30 M3, and, more recently the M2. The M series has become known for getting from 0-60 in lavish style and nearly 4 seconds!

New Technology

Insiders predict that BMW will focus on harnessing technology to enhance driving enjoyment—utilizing smart technology to transform the sporty driver into the ultimate driver—but that the carmaker will place the driver at the center of the driving experience. An electrified powertrain of some type is expected, perhaps even a version of the hybrid they presented in 2014, a turbocharged inline-4 with three electric motors that was able to generate 670 horsepower.

You can also be certain that M8 will continue to be the biggest bolt of lightning in the BMW quiver, perhaps even hunting down Porsche 911 Turbos. With an expected 600 horsepower, the 2020 M8 will boast something like 550-pound feet of torque—Markus Flasch, head of M, has said that the car will be a “Porsche Turbo killer.” Engineers have redesigned suspension, chassis, and body to lower the center of gravity—another hint at the direction of the M series. Still, all eyes will be on the concept vision that is now just bold slivers of bright color, shade, and shadow. No matter the direction of its rivals, or other divisions of BMW, you can be sure of one thing, the BMW M will remain focused on performance.

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