BMW Sumptuously Teases Reveal of the Vision M NEXT Concept


Waiting breathlessly for the concepts that will guide the next generation M series automobiles from BMW? Go ahead and breath. The maker of the ultimate driving machine just doled out a few artistic though purposely vague images with a promise to reveal more at the end of June. The sharply angled geometric shapes of red, grey and black look more like swatches of cubist art than detailed depictions of a fender or steering wheel, but this is BMW where even the tease is sumptuous.

Artist Thomas Demand was commissioned to produce a series of images that partially reveal but do not fully expose the BMW Vision M NEXT project. He utilized paper, cardboard, and photography to catch what he calls the mobility of the future:

“I think the way I look at photography puts me in a good place to bring out essential, abstract elements. The M NEXT study is a highly complex vehicle whose radical design extends beyond the job description of an everyday model. A concept like this represents a very interesting opportunity for me to transport these ideas and future forms into the public consciousness.”

BMW has enlisted Demand before. In 2000, he was part of a group of internationally renowned artists that focused their considerable talents on the themes of automobiles and movement. This time, however, the attention, like the M series cars it illustrates, is much more concerned with performance.

The M is known for generating the sort of power normally reserved for the track, and for four decades has provided blasts of adrenaline throughout the series, from convertibles and coupes to its sports “activity” vehicle. Already known for opulent luxury, unmatched handling and getting from 0-60 in just over 4 seconds, what concepts will the next generation of BMW M series bring?

Some close observers feel that BMW will focus on harnessing technology to enhance driving pleasure—utilizing smart technology to transform the sporty driver into the ultimate driver. Other insiders feel that the car will be explicitly “anti-autonomous” and put manual control at the center of the driving experience, using technology to augment operation but leaving all the real driving to the human being.

It is all just speculation until the end of June. Where you think BMW is heading may say much more about you than interpretations conjured from rumor and bits of fashionable graphic artistry that are far more Rorschach than engine roar. 

So just breath. Until you hit the accelerator of your current M series which might just take your breath away.

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