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Eurocar Service is the dealership alternative for Seattle Mercedes and BMW drivers. Our ASE-certified technicians specialize in providing high-quality repairs and maintenance for your German car. We use state of the art equipment and the latest diagnostic tools to keep your vehicle running in pristine condition. From routine maintenance to emergency repairs, we handle it all, with quality workmanship and honest, professional service.

Mercedes and BMWs are known for exceptionally reliable vehicles that offer an amazing driving experience – the perfect blend of luxury and performance. That being said, both makes are significant investments. That’s why it’s so important to keep your vehicle well-maintained. Regularly scheduled maintenance allows us to inspect your vehicle for any signs of wear and tear, and deal with it proactively before it causes a breakdown or the need for expensive repairs. Simple maintenance tasks like oil changes and fluid checks go a long way in ensuring your vehicle can function optimally.

The Experts in Mercedes and BMW Repair

Despite their reputation for durability, we do see some common repair issues with Mercedes and BMW. In Mercedes, these problems often occur in higher mileage vehicles. The engine mounts on Mercedes are filled with oil, which helps lessen the vibrations of the engine from reaching the cabin. Over time, the engine mounts can fail and begin to lose oil. This causes increased vibration in the cabin, seat, or steering wheel. We typically see this around 100, 000 miles. Another common issue is problems with the suspension system. The ball joints, sway bar link, control arm bushings and other key components tend to wear out more quickly than you’d expect. You may notice handling issues, front-end vibrations, or creaking noises.

Likewise, BMWs have several common issues that we regularly see. BMWs tend to experience overheating, which can be caused by several factors. Overheating is often caused by a coolant leak or faulty water pump. Oil leaks are fairly common, particularly in vehicles that have more than 55,000 miles on them. Steering wheel vibrations when braking is another common complaint, especially with the BMW 3 series. This could be due to an issue with one of the thrush arm bushing, which has been known to fail around 75,000 miles.

Whether you’re experiencing one of these common problems, or simply want to get caught up on your routine maintenance, we’re confident you’ll be happy you chose our friendly, reliable auto shop! With more than 20 years of experience in quality Mercedes and BMW repair, your vehicle is in excellent hands. In addition to BMW and Mercedes, we also service Audi, Land Rover, Mini Cooper, Saab, Volkswagen, and Volvo. As your dealership alternative, we can stamp your service manual so your warranty will still be valid. Being without your car is inconvenient, which is why we try to make it as hassle-free as possible. We offer free loaner cars for our Seattle clients and wash your vehicle before returning to you.

We also regularly offer service coupons to save you money and keep your vehicle well-maintained.

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