BMW Goes Big (First) on Hybrid Technology

The big push toward standard and plug-in hybrid technology at BMW will continue with larger vehicles first, according to the chief of the M series, Markus Flasch.

It is no surprise that German automaker makes performance central to its mission. That’s why already heavy vehicles, such as SUVs, pay a lighter weight penalty for hybrid power than swifter vehicles, such as the M series. Therefore, BMW is putting hybrid technology “on the shelf” for now for the M2, M3, and M4.

The Shift Away from Fossil Fuels

As the auto industry responds to demands for shifts away from fossil fuel, companies like BMW are scrambling to balance market forces with the functioning of its cars. They have determined that an SUV, such as the X5M, are currently more ideal candidates for hybrid power.

Flasch assures the public that BMW has not stopped working on hybrid technology. The company is working furiously to develop a new modular electric powertrain. This system is comprised of self-contained power units that allow BMW to increase the number of independently driven wheels. It also improves the possibility of total power with the simple addition of adding more modules. A single axle version of the new powertrain will next power IX3, which will be the first all-electric model in BMW’s conventional lineup.

There is just not enough performance with current technology to deliver the power and flexibility the M series requires, according to Flasch.

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