More than Just Automatic Braking

automatic braking

While automatic emergency braking is an admirable step forward for the auto industry, Volvo has taken this a step further in the new XC60 crossover SUV. This vehicle is being equipped with the latest version of the Volvo City Safety system which is a collision avoidance system that will now aid you by steering the vehicle out of trouble when braking won’t do the trick alone.

This new feature was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show and will be offered in the XC60 first while making its way to other models in the near future. The new City Safety will deploy the brakes and the steering system at speeds between 31 and 62 mph. Typically a vehicle travelling slower than this can use just the brakes and stop in plenty of time. The automatic steering feature will perform within the give road rules in order to avoid a collision.

Another aspect of the safety of this new XC60 SUV will be the new lane keep assist that helps to avoid accidents in the other lanes. With these added levels of automation in the new XC60, Volvo continues to be the leader in the industry with regards to safety and the improved technology aboard their vehicles. These new systems can make it easier for you to choose the Volvo brand when shopping for a new model, especially if you know the vehicle is built to give you the collision avoidance you need to avoid costly accidents.