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If you’re in the market for a new-to-you European car, get a pre-purchase car inspection at EuroCar Service in Seattle. We specialize in servicing all European makes and know what you should expect from a quality pre-owned car. There’s nothing worse than buying a pre-owned vehicle, only to discover it’s a lemon. Before you commit to that model you’ve been eyeing, let us give it a complete once-over. It may just be the best money you spend! 

Get a Thorough Inspection Before You Buy


Buying a used car can be nerve-wracking, whether you’re dealing with a private seller or a dealership. However, a pre-purchase car inspection makes the process less stressful for Seattle, Wa drivers! Our skilled technicians complete annual training in the latest repair techniques and equipment for European vehicles. We want you to make the most informed decision–and feel confident about your purchase. 

We follow a thorough checklist when we inspect a used car to ensure all areas of the vehicle are sound and in good working order. This includes checking:

  • Signs of frame, rust, and flood damage 
  • Tire wear 
  • Steering and suspension system 
  • Instrument gauges
  • Lights
  • Hoses and belts
  • Air conditioning 
  • Engine 
  • Exhaust
  • Brakes 
  • And more!

Our technicians will also take the car for a test drive to ensure there are no handleability or performance issues that weren’t apparent during the inspection. We leave no stone unturned to ensure you receive the vehicle you’re being told you’re buying. While no one expects a used car to be perfect in every way, there are often warning signs that our pre-purchase car inspection can uncover. 

You’ll receive a detailed inspection report so you can have complete peace of mind. Our report will include clear recommendations for or against purchasing the vehicle, as well as any suggested maintenance or repairs. 

We offer pre-purchase car inspections for all European makes, including:

Whether new or used, vehicles are an investment. Buying the wrong car costs more than just the price tag–in some cases, unknown repair issues can cost thousands of dollars more than what you paid for it. Simple things like checking the engine, testing the brakes, and inspecting the frame can go a long way in feeling confident in your purchase. In short, a vehicle inspection is the best way to ensure your hard-earned money is being well spent! 

So, are you ready to get started?

Excellent service, quality repairs

Excellent service, quality repairs, and great prices. After a bad experience at a local BMW dealer, I came here. Repairs were much less, and some of the repairs the dealership said weren’t even needed.
Bryan Clark

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In addition to auto inspections, we also offer full-service auto repair and maintenance. If you do decide to purchase a car that’s in relatively good shape but needs a little TLC, we’re happy to help. From oil changes to most major repairs, we’ll make sure your new-used car is safe and reliable. If you’d like us to inspect a used car, contact us today at 206-527-8828!