Seattle Audi & Volkswagen Dealer Alternative

Have you been searching the Seattle area for a dealership alternative for your Audi or Volkswagen? At EuroCar, we specialize in keeping all makes and models of German cars running smoothly and reliably.

Our team of skilled ASE-certified technicians has vast experience working on Audis and Volkswagens. We understand both makes inside and out, allowing us to repair them with dealership-level quality at only a fraction of the price. Your vehicle deserves the very best, and you’ll find it at our premier European auto shop!

We’re currently offering a special for Seattle Audi and Volkswagen drivers: bring your vehicle to us for its 20/40/60/80 K scheduled maintenance and get a free scan and engine wash! This expires December 31, 2019, so be sure to schedule your appointment to take advantage of this great deal.

German cars like Audi and Volkswagen are known for their dependable nature and innovative engineering, but even the most dependable or precision car will occasionally need repairs and maintenance. Whether you have an older model or the newest one to roll off the lot, you can trust that we have the knowledge and the correct tools to service your vehicle properly. Our technicians undergo continuous training to ensure that they are up-to-date on the latest repair procedures and diagnostics.

Volkswagens are popular because they’re dependable and economical. However, they tend to have some common issues that we regularly see. Jettas manufactured after 2013 tend to experience issues with the check engine light malfunctioning. It generally occurs in low-mileage vehicles and is often caused by a sensor or software malfunction. Early 2000 model Passats tend to accumulate oil sludge around 70,000 to 90,000 miles. Left unaddressed, this can potentially cause engine failure – one more reason to keep up with regular oil changes! Incessant rattling is another issue often reported by VW drivers. This tends to be caused by loose muffler brackets or rear spring failure, although it can be caused by other issues as well.

Audis, while being a considered more of a luxury vehicle than the Volkswagen, aren’t without their own set of common repair issues. Electrical component malfunctions tend to be one of the most frequent problems Audi drivers come in for. This includes failure of the digital dashboard display or console, erratic lights, or taillight failure. These are fairly simple and straightforward to fix by simply replacing the components with OEM parts. Ignition coil and spark plug failures are one of the most frequent mechanical issues Audis tend to experience, as well as problems with the catalytic converter. Audi catalytic converters generally fail because they become clogged or suffer from carbon buildup. While this can be easily fixed by replacing the catalytic converter, it tends to be a short term solution. Ultimately, it’s important to investigate why the clog or buildup occurred in the first place.

When you’re searching for the best dealership alternative in Seattle, look no further than EuroCar! Since 1981, we’ve been the first choice for Seattle drivers looking for quality, accurate, and reliable repairs. With our expert knowledge, extensive experience, and state-of-the-art equipment, there’s no problem with your Audi or Volkswagen we can’t fix!

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