Are BMWs Expensive to Repair? 

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If you’ve landed on this page, then you likely own a BMW or are considering purchasing one. Either way, you’re curious to know whether or not it’s expensive to repair the luxurious, German vehicle—and you came to the right place to get this information. We are a leading European auto repair facility in Seattle. 

Simply put, at EuroCar Service, we are here for you! 

In a word, yes, it can be quite expensive to repair a BMW. Of course, myriad factors go into just how expensive the BMW repair can be, including the year, make, and model of the car, as well as the specific type of repair that is needed. 

As mentioned, BMWs are luxurious, high-performance vehicles, but that’s not the only reason as to why parts, repair, and maintenance can add up, putting a dent in your wallet or purse. For starters, the automobile is designed for driving enthusiasts, not just a method to get around town. BMWs are known for having sophisticated parts and technology that require specialized certification to repair properly. 

For example, a simple task like changing the battery can cost upward of $400, as the mechanic has to register the battery to the engine control module. If this doesn’t occur, the car won’t understand how to charge the battery, leading to it dying prematurely.  

Additionally, Genuine Parts, parts that were originally installed during the production of the vehicle, are pricey. You may have the option of using different parts, however, Genuine Parts will allow you to keep the car original. Further, these parts are always guaranteed to be compatible. 

OEM Parts and Aftermarket Parts are available at a cheaper price but are less reliable. 

To give you more of an accurate estimate of how much a BMW repair can cost, we want to know what particular issues you’re experiencing with your car.

So, do you have a BMW that requires repairing? At your convenience, reach out to our team and tell us what we can do for you. 

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